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    A neighbour asked me to take some shots of their daughter's little girl, Lucy - who is just 12 months old - so I did them yesterday. I've not done any kiddy portraits since I gave up pro photography a good few years back - the camera had film in it back then. We had a blast doing these shots, Lucy is as cute as a button and she was besotted with our Spaniel girl, Josie who she thought was great fun, she went off in peals of laughter at her so I let Jo into the room I'd set up as a temp studio and just started shooting her reaction to the dog and this is the result. Unfotunately the remote flash triggers refused to work so I ended up taking these in ambient light. On the upside our back room gets lots of lovely light in there - despite it being dull as dishwater outside - we have two skylights in the roof plus a big picture window and it's all painted white inside. I wish I'd had it back in my pro days, it would have made a great little studio.

    More shots on my website:

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    Excellent shots, she's seriously cute!
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    A magic moment.