London Transport steams through deepest, darkest Devon

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    In honour of the 150th anniversary of the start of the London underground the South Devon Railway have painted former Great Western Railway pannier tank 5786, which has just undergone a complete overhaul, in London Transport colours. This locomotives last commercial owner was indeed London Transport and her number was L92. They had a small fleet of steam engines to haul maintenance trains when the power was switched off. Doubtless they surprised one or two late night travellers on the underground. I've posted these in colour to show off the rather smart maroon livery.

    Crossing the level crossing at Staverton en route for Totnes

    Passing Dartington just minutes from Totnes

    Having run round the train at Totnes L92 heads back towards Buckfastleigh, the fireman finds time to give me a friendly wave as I sit on a fallen tree on the opposite bank of the River Dart

    L92 approaching Buckfastleigh on the last train of the day in pleasant, though still not overly warm, late afternoon sunshine. The fireman is getting ready to surrender the single line working token

    Having taken on water L92 heads off to the engine shed for the night, days duty done

    Following on from my weekend problems with an E-1 I've reverted to my trusty GH2 with a variety of lenses, namely the Panasonic 14mm, the P/L 45mm and the Panasonic 14-45mm zoom.

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    John Griggs
    That is such a beautiful engine, beautifully photographed! Thanks for that!
  3. Great shots. Love the old steamers.
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    Lovely to see them in colour