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    Mar 19, 2013
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    Here are some pictures from Kinderdijk in South Holland. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site which neatly summarises the efforts that the Dutch have made to manage water and reclaim land. You can see pumping methods dating from the windmill era through to the latest massive pumping devices. Some of the windmills work, but it was too calm on the day that we visited. These are a mix of DP1X and DP2 shots, initially processed in SPP and finished in C1 7. Black and white seemed to suit the weather that day better.

    AMM_130611_SDIM0269_Holland_Flickr by Amaczero, on Flickr

    AMM_130611_SDIM3562_Holland_Flickr by Amaczero, on Flickr

    AMM_130611_SDIM3561_Holland_Flickr by Amaczero, on Flickr

    AMM_130611_SDIM3558_Holland_Flickr by Amaczero, on Flickr

    AMM_130611_SDIM0275_Holland_Flickr by Amaczero, on Flickr

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    Beautiful and tranquil scenery :)
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    Beautiful shots. thanks for sharing. I've always wanted to live in a windmill. Not sure why.
  4. Having some Dutch heritage, enjoy your images.