Kids Splash Park Party

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  1. Saturday we had a fun outing with our neighbor and her daughter at her birthday party that was held at one of our local Splash pads.

    A6000 and 28-70mm were along for the ride. None of these were posed for, and the lighting was all over the place. Shade under the cabana, full sun at the splash pad and everywhere in between. These kinds of events can be tricky to get the right camera settings in just those few moments. I usually keep the Camera set at "P" and ISO set at Auto.

    The Birthday Girl (Turning 7) She is part Philipino and loves the movie Moana so that was the theme.



    And other random kids there

    At the Splash pad
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    The a6000 did you proud there, perfect work! Aren't kids lucky today? When I was that age (over 56 years ago) you went to someones house ate cake, played musical chairs, got a goody bag and went home. I went to my grandchildrens party yesterday at a local gym where they had all sorts of stuff there for them. They kids all went mental and hyper whilst the parents sat behind a screen and watched as the gym staff supervised the play. Easy but expensive as hell!

  3. Ya, the A6000 is still doing me well. I keep looking at the latest models with envy, but then go out and shoot and am content.

    Kids birthday parties really have upgraded for sure
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    No cameras allowed at the park where my daughter takes my grandkids !!! First time she said "lets go" ' I thought great, photo opportunity .
    She said "forget it !" State of the world eh ! And personally I didn't like the look of the official guy there enforcing the ban !
    You are lucky Dave.
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    great shots as usual, Dave. If I ever had a kids even that needed shooting, I'd fly you in.
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  6. Thanks. Just random shooting, but I like it that way.

    That sucks