Just received my photobook from Apple

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  1. Used to be that Apple photobooks were printed in the US, before we got the Apple Stores out here. Now they are printed in Japan. Quality remains very good.

    I'm glad I got the monitor I have, because it turns out the calibration is pretty much perfect. What I see is what I get, pretty much :) Happy. Some of the shots were a little dark, but that was user error, not the printers, I knew they were dark but a couple were too dark to be considered OK. The surface of the paper is a fingerprint magnet, I chose to have black as the background and its *really* obvious. However, the quality is far superior to that of blurb on the internal pages... a heavier duty paper was used. The cover is of the same quality, though the blurb was glossy and the apple one is matte. I don't know how much more flexibility there is with either of them, I'd quite like a glossy cover from Apple.

    I'll take some more photographs (maybe) when I can get myself organised with decent lighting. My study lamp is far too reflective... but heres one of it laying over my keyboard, with a pen on top, for reference for size. This is what Apple called "Medium". Its actually the same size, but rectangular, I think, as the "small" blurb which I think is what we had for SIJ.


    Its a slim volume, only 22 pages (naturally, I started with a Thomas book) and the cost of printing and shipping was around $25AUD
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    Wonderful, Sue!! A good friend of mine has done a number of books with Apple and I have one - it's very nice, indeed. I bet Tom loves his book.:drinks:
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  3. LOL, he was a bit bemused at his own photograph on the cover. "Who dat??"

    I've done this test run because I plan to acquire a photo scanner - that I can just feed the family photographs through and have them go to an SD card... I don't want to do one by one and having to deal with import on each, although I suppose the quality would be better that way... but there are just too many of the old family photographs that need sorting... making the decision about *which* feed scanner has become a bit of a pest... (*looks at flatbed scanner in the corner*)
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    Sue, just a thought: i've gone through that process and decided to rent a professional scanner. That is relatively cheap (here in NL), scans faster and much better results. Just a thought...

    PS: hope all is well
  5. Thanks, Peter, yes all ok. Sadly there does not seem to be a rental option in my town. Its a royal pain. No second hand traders of cameras and nobody who rents out good scanners. oh well.
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    I would have thought buying a used copying stand would have been an option. The 18.5 does a good job with copying.
  7. LOL. I have a scanner, and its a good one. For one at a time. I have about 200 I want to get into iphoto, and I want to get it done fairly quickly. I could not BEAR to photograph each one, it will be no faster than the scanner. God, what a nightmare. I want to get a scanner which I can feed them into, one at a time, zipzipzip into the SD card, done. Then import to iphoto.
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    How wonderful Sue... good for you for doing it.
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    The price seems reasonable enough. Let us know how well it works.