It was the strangest of sensations.

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    Aug 24, 2015
    It was totally ethereal. Unreal. Yet real.

    I was sitting at my desk, doing some work on the computer. I thought I heard a bell ringing. Then a slight tingling sensation in my left breast. I stopped working. And oddly, I never did continue my task. I then heard voices. Familiar voices. I couldn't place the person, but I know I recognized the voice.

    "Who was this person," I asked myself. "And why was I hearing his voice?" It was, to say the least, quite un-nerving. But still the work at hand went ignored.

    Not only ignored, but abandoned. I arose from my desk. I walked over to my front door and found myself donning a coat and gloves. And for absolutely no reason, I walked out into the frozen landscape that is my driveway.

    Without thinking, I pulled out my truck key and unlocked the door. Climbing in, I thought to myself, "Where the hell do you think you're going?!?!" Without a ready answer, I started the engine. And then I mindlessly pulled down on the gearshift and put it into "D".

    I had no clue why I was leaving, yet I felt compelled to. Around the corner, then to a stop sign. I distinctly remember waiting for a silvery/gray Honda to go by, and I turned left, pulling out behind it. "I'm going south", I thought to myself. But the reason why still escaped me.

    At the first stop light, I took another left. A few miles further, the road turned to the right. Under the interstate, where I saw a concrete pumper truck pass over me. Another left, then a right. And yet another left, and then another right. Truly, this must be the labyrinth of my life.

    I then found myself climbing a short set of steps. Eight, to be exact. Eight, because I have tread them with my soles many times. And then another familiar voice, greeting me with a smile and a handshake.

    But why am I here? What drew me to the familiar place, where I am made to welcome? This familiar person and I engaged in two distinct conversations. One was about photography in general, and the other, oddly, was about money. This friend told me I owed him over $1,400! 'Some friend, indeed!', you might retort. But I didn't squabble about it. I merrily signed a check for the designated amount.

    And then I left.

    Back down the 8 familiar, gray-carpeted steps and back out into the cold that is Iowa in January. Back into my truck. And back along the route I took to get there.

    As I was driving home, my mind was a jumble of...... well.............. letters and numbers. And not just random letters and numbers. Certain ones. Specific ones. Letters and numbers that had carefully been chosen, and for reasons that were pre-determined.

    Left, then right I drove on. Another left, another right. Back under the interstate. Another left. Right, right, right and I was backing into my own driveway. I came to a stop, got out of my truck, and fumbled for my house key, cursing the cold that is Iowa in January.

    Once inside my warm abode, things started to make sense. The seemingly random letters and numbers started to form a vision. Yes. I see it now. It's all very clear. It makes perfect sense now. So much so, I must grab a camera and capture what was once a dream has now become a reality.

    And this, my friends, is what I captured:


    Yep. I had called the local camera store last week and put my name on a Nikkor 200-500. And this afternoon, I got a call that one had arrived it today's delivery.

    It will be married to my D7100, with a 1.4 vII TC sandwiched between them.
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    Bill Shinnick
    A well told story and a well deserved outcome. Enjoy.
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    Bill Palmer
    Ah, passion... ;)
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    May 13, 2013
    Great story. Too bad you did not make photos of your facial expressions. ;-)
    Congratulations with your new lens. It is also on my list but I am not sure yet if I should add so I am looking forward to seeing your photos.
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    A very nice piece of writing, Ken. Enjoy your new ginormous lens. In the cold that is Iowa in January.
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    Congratulations on your new lens!
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    Aug 15, 2010
    Yep, strange voices always end up in new lenses.
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    Enjoy. Friend of mine has one and he is using it exceptionally well. Getting lots of BIF that I am envious of.
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    Stephen Noel
    Have you considered seeing a counselor, about these voices? They might be dangerous to your wallet. :crying: