It was 5.30am

Discussion in 'Fuji' started by kyteflyer, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. Gary

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    Aug 19, 2012
    Southern California
    Gary Ayala
    What were you after @ 5:30 a.m. at the beach?
  2. Pre-dawn. I was going to do the pre-sunrise reflection thing but it transpired that there was to be nothing but a horrid featureless grey cloud clover. So I left and went looking for something else.
  3. Gary

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    Aug 19, 2012
    Southern California
    Gary Ayala
    LOL ... like breakfast? Sorry about the weather.

  4. LOL no it was still too early for me for brekkie. It was too early for the sunrise thing too, as it happens. First light was supposed to be 6.30, which means it ought to have been showing some signs by 5.30 (but the cloud cover stopped that) Sadly, I live so far from the beach, I have to leave too early and hope for the best. Sometimes it works. This time it didn't. I don't mind the shots I got though.
  5. Petach

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    Oct 22, 2011
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    Peter Tachauer
    at'a'girl. One after my own heart. Am often up in the wee small hours....pays dividends when light is right. I even go when it isn't good just to try my skills against the inclement. Can't sleep? Make use of the time, then treat yourself to a large fat boy brekkie!

    Love the first of yours, lovely colours and tones.

    5am, Dinan in France

    View from Dinan ramparts by petach123 (Peter Tachauer), on Flickr

    N.Yorkshire Moors, near Pickering at silly o'clock am.

    Misty Dawn by petach123 (Peter Tachauer), on Flickr

    Early morning Portland Bill

    Portland Bill Lighthouse by petach123 (Peter Tachauer), on Flickr

    Tower Bridge Dawn by petach123 (Peter Tachauer), on Flickr
  6. Aha, I knew there would be someone who could appreciate the hour of the day. Love yours too Pete, the first two, particularly :)

    and today, no sleep after 1.15am so I did the shopping early and then went off to see if I could get some shots in the fog which had descended, but no go, it was a wall of white. So down to the beach (but it was after 7am) and the result was the following:

    View attachment 67357
    First Rays by kyte50, on Flickr

    Back to bed when I returned home, but those clouds gathered even more, and now, a featureless grey *and* heavy sweeping rain as well. Glad I went down.
  7. Lawrence A.

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    Nov 8, 2012
    New Mexico
    Well, Sue, I'm glad you're an early riser, as I like the shots you got.

    As for the 5:30AM thing: I quite understand going to bed at that hour, but waking up???
  8. Gawd. Its been about 30 years since I went to bed at 5.30 :)