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    Stephen Noel

    I started photography at age 12 or 13, with my mom, and the old brownie box 620. I am now nearly 70 (November), with the OMD 5, and the old OM 50mm. For many years I trudged on in my obsession of photography and the quest for the best equipment that I could buy or trade for, alone. Hoping to get better pictures. The equipment wasn't the issue. Self discipline was. And still is.
    But, in recent years the offspring (4 children), have gotten into it. And, now the grand children, are getting the "bug". This week I gave a surplus G1, sans lens, to a grand daughter, that has really gotten into the passion of capturing life. Having passed on my nearly life long compulsion for the craft, (without ever achieving the standard I craved), I am now nearly completely retired from photography. And, having the OMD handy for the occasional "must get shot", I am satisfied.
    Lets hear your story. :hiding:
    If you have it. Pass it on!:drinks:
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    I did this with a Brownie 620 - just like the one in your photo. It's a poor-quality scan, so some forgiveness is needed.

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