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    Dec 24, 2010
    My long absense from SC has come to an end. I love this site for what it is, a laid back, friendly place to come to and enjoy photography at its best. No pressure. I have been on a 6 month run with my Iphone 4s to the otherside of the world, and lived to tell about it. These past months I have only used this medium as my goto source for taking, editing and showing off all my photos. If it couldn't be done on the iphone, I just did not do it. I have also been an Instagram junky aka: Ima_soulman, almost obsessed daily with the task of reviewing pics, shooting and commenting on those I follow. Instagram is a worldwide community of people from all walks of life and all levels of photography. Wether you use an Iphone or camera (this is an iphone only app) you have the option to show and tell your creative process to the world. I have been amazed and somewhat in awe of some of the work that I come across. For me I try to maintain a manageable number or people I follow to keep things on a rather personal level, being able to review and comment on photos daily.


    As you are aware the photo apps for the iphone are endless. I must have at least 100 apps from camera to editing. Which bring me to my first interesting point I want to make. There seems to be two types of shooters in Instagram. The natural look, dont mess with the photo type, and the app infested person who runs his photo thru 3, 4, and 5 apps just to get the disired effect their looking for. I'm in the middle, love and natural cripsy looking straight shot but love the artsy changed up look... here's a crazy one that went into about 4 apps and ended up like this:


    Well you either like it or you don't, which is my other point I wish to make here. No one seems to care what your pics look like. I have not met rude people, not yet anywho. No rules, no guidelines. That is so me. After 60 years of rules I just dont have that word in my vocabulary any more. Say what you want about thirds, contrast, whatever... I have thick skin. I don't care. I shoot for me not you. Hope Im not sounding like a prude, Im just saying this to let you know where my head is at these days. I care less about what gear you have and would rather know why you like the color red.... get my drift? I love Instagram for what it is. Im not trying to read into it more than what it offers me now, a chance to meet fellow shooters on my own level. Social? you bet. Does it have problems? yup. Is it for everyone? not sure...



    So that's my little take on where Ive been. If you're thinking of taking the plunge to Instagram, my name is: Ima_soulman. Iphones are fun and do have a place in our medium. I know we have loyal SC/iphone users here. I'm just in over my head and still lovin it.


    Far out?

    Thanks for viewing and reading this. Im not the most eliquent writer but I am a passionate shooter of sorts.
    Cheers all,
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    Jul 7, 2010
    betwixt and between
    Man oh man, Pete - you and your wonderful photographs have been so missed! I love your pictures and am so glad to see you're still photographing the cacti out there, and your grandchildren. I'm particularly smitten with that first cactus...its soft glowing luminescence belying its prickly exterior, as it rises from the green...and the one of, I think, your granddaughter enjoying the art exhibit. The barber shop chair is another favorite...and I think your version of the Starry Night would be an excellent holiday card.:bravo-009:

    I need to try to check you out over on Instagram. I managed it once but the last time it seemed that I had to register...is that true?

    I'm still enjoying my iPhone's camera, too, mostly with the hipstamatic app...and a little Snapseed 4 Mac thrown in.

    Are you still using that contraption that you attach to your iphone? I can't remember what it's called??
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  3. Ray Sachs

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    Sep 21, 2010
    Not too far from Philly
    you should be able to figure it out...
    Good to see you Pete. My iphone still goes with me everywhere, but I rarely take it out to photograph something. I know its very capable, but I'm still hung up playing with parameters like aperture and shutter speed and ISO and such. So its pretty much relegated to documenting something that needs documenting when I don't have another camera with me. But I tend to either be in shooting mode or NOT in shooting mode and when I'm IN it, i have another camera (or two) with me.

    But I love seeing your stuff, whatever you create it with, so I'm glad you'll be back around here from time to time. I've continued following you on Flickr but there's less of you to follow there lately because of your move to Instagram.

    Anyway, see you around!

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  4. AzPete

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    Dec 24, 2010
    thanks BB, Ray, I have missed our chatters back and forth and appreciate the kind words. Yes Ray, I have neglected Flickr, the wife, etc.... but this is where I want to be, for now anyways. All the best to you and yours, Ray and Bb...and SC...