iPhone is going no where

Discussion in 'Open Gear Talk' started by AzPete, Oct 17, 2011.

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  2. Pete, I'm going to check out the link in a ticvk, but I have a couple too. The first, a video off the 4S... stunning, for a camera...
    A video shot on the iPhone 4S on Vimeo

    The second is to a post in MactalkAU where one of the guys took pix of his cat. Simply beautiful.
    The 4S camera
    I hope you can see the shots at that link, I cant remember if you have to join. Just in case you cant see I've hotlinked one of the shots in the thread here.

    I wasnt convinced the camera would be that much of a stepup from the iphone4 but I see that it is. I'll be getting a 4S as soon as its financially viable.
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  3. OK looked at the link... nice shots off the hipstamatic. I've had that app for ages and dont use it much, there are so many excellent apps on iphone and ipad to edit photographs. And in some respects its a lot more fun doing that, than fighting with photoshop and a computer!

    I have loved iphone photography since the first iphone which was only a 2MP cam, but which beat the pants off my nokia 2mp cam and half the compacts I had at the time. Its fun, its easy, and it produces great results. This iphone fan isnt going anywhere.
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