iPhone comparisons (leading up to iPhone5s when available)

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    Recently in the wake of the new iPhone5s, we decided to start with the 4s to 5 comparison to set the stage for comparing the new iPhone5s, to see how much different the images would be. In this test two different people shot the test images, each taking 20 or so so as to procure the best and sharpest of each one. The perspectives are slightly different even though they were more or less side by side, and to save memory they were saved by an editor that stripped off any data. What I found though was no clear winner - you can see that the foliage is more smeared on the 5, but other objects may be better on the 4s. I'm hoping that the new 5s camera's images are clearly superior to each of these, but that may not be so obvious in strong daylight. I don't have the time and resources to do low-light comparisons any justice, even though that's where the 5s may show its best hand.


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    When I compared iPhone 5 to 4S, I found that the 5 was sharper in the center of the frame, but the 4S was sharper everywhere else.
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    That helps explain some of what I saw - thanks!