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  1. I saw somewhere an app where it would show (via a map) other locations near you that are worth photographing. Anyone got, heard or know of a good app that would do this? I do find searching for apps almost impossible as there are SO many.

    Thanks :smile:
  2. Don't know about that one, but theres one I find indispensible, and thats The Photographer's Ephemeris, for sun and moon times and where they are rising/setting at various locations (defined by yourself)
  3. Thanks but useless for me as It's as rare as hens teeth that I go out to take images when I want to!! I'm usually always with the family so find it difficult to get to the right place at the right time. If I had an app that told me that there are other locations near me then I can drag the wife and kids along! :smile:
  4. Not the sort of thing I'm after unless it can tell me what else os about near the location that I am at. Does look like an interesting app though.

    Edit: Just downloaded it and it looks a great little app.
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    That's it in a nutshell. :biggrin: I often work up in the City of London (for my sins) and walk from Bank to London Wall and thence to Moorgate; it has enlivened my journeys considerably and helped me find new things to photograph. The wealth of detail at your fingertips is tremendous, the maps useful and the accuracy remarkable. Suddenly buildings stop being faceless and take on the personality of their architects, their past and their present. The old postcards archive is particularly interesting.
  6. Thanks for that one, Bill, had not seen your other post, and it transpires theres an iOS version too :) Been getting bored with my usual places... this is just the ticket!
  7. Except that it has no Austtralian information, just a few pulled from Atlas something... not really much good for AU at all which is a surprise, given that its a google app, and the quantity of data they have available to them should mean than its as full of info for AU as anywhere else.

    IN the meantime I have found a mapless listing app which covers all kinds of stuff... not what you were looking for, Andy, (also, no idea which OS you are looking for it, for)... "Where to?" might be better than nothing.