iPhone 6s-plus Test Images.

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    Experiments with the 'Ollolens' for iPhones, using the Cortex camera app. The bridge (1/2 mile distant) shows strong coma on the lights, and even though the coma is worse than with the iPhone's lens alone, even the $11000 USD Leica Noctilux has significant coma wide open, so no biggie for me.

    The calendars are cropped from the originals - the default iPhone 6s lens, and then with the Ollolens mounted for the 2x magnification. The iPhone 6s-plus has an effective FL of 29mm approximately, so the Ollolens bumps that to 58mm, and I found the 2x magnification to be very accurate (in terms of being 2x bigger). If you can't get closer to your subject with the iPhone and thus have to crop the image 2x or more, the Ollolens will yield a much better resolution, ignoring any soft edges or coma.

    iPhone 6s-plus, Cortex app, Ollolens.

    iPhone 6s-plus, Cortex app, default lens (1x).

    iPhone 6s-plus, Cortex app, Ollolens (2x).
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    Here's a good daytime example with the built-in lens and then the Olloclip 2x lens. I cropped each image about 5 percent and then resized to 4096 on the long dimension. The Ollo edges are soft-to-blurred in places, but it looks like it will be useful most of the time when a magnification of 2x or more is appropriate.

    iPhone 6s-plus, Cortex app, iPhone lens.

    iPhone 6s-plus, Cortex app, Olloclip lens.
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    Test shot with the iPhone 6s-plus using the Cortex camera app and OlloClip 2x magnification lens. I tried having the water tower (~1.5 miles distant) at the far right, but the clarity wasn't that good, so I shot it this way. The photo is cropped top and bottom, but not left or right, although I resized it from the Cortex 6040-wide original. Since the bottom corners are cropped off, we don't see the worst of the 2x clip-on lens. Still, I don't see the edge-to-edge quality of this add-on lens as being much worse than the 'Leica' lens used in their model 'C' camera, or the Panasonic LF1 equivalent. But, the foliage still has the typical iPhone look. And the water tower details are much better than using the phone without the 2x lens.

    iPhone 6s-plus, Cortex camera app, OlloClip (2x lens).
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    May 13, 2013
    Thanks for sharing this, Dale. I've been wondering about an add-on lens but then I thought I might as well take a camera with me. So for me, the iphone means appr. 28mm.
    Nevertheless, I think it's very useful to have a thread on clip-on lenses for phones!
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    Thanks for your test, quite useful. But I will still carry a camera with me, there is still a big difference in IQ.
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    Indeed there is. It's certainly the tiny sensor - it always looks rough and choppy at 100 percent.
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    Just an ordinary iPhone 6s-plus image, but a tough one to get. Shot from outside of the glass case at the jewelry shop - fighting reflections galore, plus the Mickey Mouse character behind this one with hands sticking out on both sides of the dress, there was a lot of cleanup. But also a very heavy crop, which leaves some raggedness at 100 percent view.

    iPhone6s-plus, f2.2, 1/15 sec. handheld, ISO 50.
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    Just another 'selfie' with the iPhone front-facing (low-res.) camera, using the standard camera app.

    iPhone 6s-plus, front-facing camera.
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