iPad Processing: more sophisticated than ever

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  1. The following (which I have *not* yet seen on a big screen) has been directly imported from the camera, then processed in Photoshop Touch and Filterstorm (not Pro, no matter what the EXIF says... I'm sure I only got the free version). I decided to post here *before* I checked. Any horrid artifacts are going to be because of the photographer (either crappy shot, or visual deficit with small screen).. not the apps or platform its edited on.

    I'm pretty chuffed though.

    Untitled by kyte50, on Flickr
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    Looking good!

    I'm still using SnapSeed on my iPad, and it does most everything that I need. That said, I recently added Photogene, and have been learning some of the nuances.
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    Beautiful shot Sue!!!
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    I have done absolutely no photo processing on my iPad so far, Sue, but the image you posted may convince me to give it a try. Beautiful work.
  5. I'll be taking my iPad on hols and will give this iPad editing a try. Will keep me quiet for a few hours which is always a good thing.:thumbup:
    I have Snapseed and photoshop. Maybe we can start a list of decent apps for photography?
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    +1 for snapseed. I use it on vacation and business trips all the time.
  7. I also love Snapseed, but Photoshop Touch and Filterstorm have even more to offer. I think theres a place for all of them in any photographer's iPad arsenal. Many more besides... Pixlr Plus, Phototoaster, oh just truckloads. I'll make proper links when I am back on the computer, and can have multiple apps open. Besides... linking from iTunes on iPad seems fraught, anyway, havent yet found a way of doing it
  8. tdp

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    is photoshop touch different than photoshop express?
  9. Yes it is. More options. all those levels, curves, cropping, resizing, yada yada that you use in photoshop, and a lot more I havent yet discovered. Plus the usual brightness, contrast etc. I'm looking forward to the baby Lightroom they are supposedly releasing.
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    Looks really good, Sue. :smile:
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    Sue, I have an iPad 2 without the Retina display. Good enough for this kind of work?
  12. Hmm, I had the iPad 1 and didn't do as much processing as I expected to, but I was OK with the screen at the time. I think the lesson here is, download a couple of free apps and then see how you go. I'd recommend (for starters, just to see how it goes) Phototoaster, Pixlr-o-matic, and the free Filterstorm. The Free Adobe Photoshop Express is OK for starters as well. If you find its good enough for those, then you might want to spring for paid apps.
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    Interesting; I'm doing my current Paris trip with only the ipad. My flow (I shoot only DNG) is, import directly into the ipad photos app - it does show dng files - for quick review and providing another backup copy until back home, then I use PhotoRaw to bring in any that I want to edit, then export as jpg of various sizes depending on use. PhotoRaw was one of the first to allow basic Raw file edits, and flexible jpg exports. Any edits of course won't flow into LR when back home, but no worries as I would not trust the ipad screen for final PP work in any event.

    I didn't realize Adobe was even working on an app till Sue mentioned it - but from what I've now read it seems to be built around cloud storage and worse, subscriptions to the Adobe creative cloud - if true, not for me.

    Oh, and last app comment: I looked at Photosmith, which does sync with LR and looks promising in terms of allowing edits, metadata additions, etc, but, it does not yet support DNG files, which is all I shoot on both cameras.
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    I also have an iPad 2 without Retina. It displays photos just fine and it is what I use for photo processing. My son in law has the iPad 3, and to my old eyes, I don't see enough difference to replace my iPad.
  15. Not true. Adobe Revel does that, the Photoshops do not. Its optional.
  16. Found another useful app and a decent price. OnOne software makes decent plugins for photoshop, and it has released a B&W processing app. If you want free BW, theres always Noir, but I never really took to that, it just seemed counterintuitive to me. OnOne's app is pretty neat. It gives you a whole bunch of presets, which you can then adapt for yourself, and save your own presets. Its really very good, and for less than $2, worth the spend.

    Here's the link, and its for iphone and iPad
  17. Links to other excellent apps. First, the good free ones (and note that Snapseed is now free... many of us already paid for it but thems the breaks)

    1. Adobe Photoshop Express
    2. Filterstorm
    3. Pixlr-o-matic
    4. Pixlr Express Plus
    5. Snapseed

    Then, the Paid.

    1. Adobe Photoshop Touch
    2. iPhoto
    3. Filterstorm Pro
    4. Phototoaster
    5. Perfect B&W

    NB: Links go to Aus store (because thats what I have access to) and prices will vary according to your particular country's store.

    Also, I've only included 5 of each, because I think that these are the most useful of whats out there. However, there is so much in the app store now, I have NO idea if there are better alternatives to those listed. Please, anyone should chime in with links to your favourite photo apps.
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    I don't know anything about any of this. But I DO know that these links will help many Padders. So thanks a bunch, Sue! :bravo-009:
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    I recently purchased a Pentax Mount version of the Tamron 10-24 mm. I think that it will adequately fill my desire for an ultra wide lens; however, the purple fringe is unacceptable. The reviews that I read before buying this lens stated that it is a problem easily dealt with in post processing.

    Snapseed has filled my needs for post processing, but does not seem to have a slider to deal with purple fringe. Sue, can you tell me if any of the apps that you have listed can allow purple fringe post processing?
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    Looking good, and reminds me that I have a question you folks might be able to help with (if it's okay to add an iPad-related question here...). If you've got a camera and an iPad but no computer, how do you get the photos onto the iPad for processing? My uncle wants me to give him some tech advice for that situation, I guess I need to find out what kind of camera he has and whether it has wi-fi built in?