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  1. This is an amazing offer. People using iphone or ipad can now get 50G storage for FREE for LIFE at You won't get sync for your computer, that only comes with a paid upgrade, but if you go to the app store and get the app, then register (or login if you are already a free member) you will get 50G for free. $0. Its a very good deal and there won't be another. The link is to on the Aussie store but it should take you to your own store for the app.

    If you have doubts about whether you will use it... its somewhere to store your iphone photographs, you can connect to it from goodreader, documents2Go, probably quickoffice and a truckload of other apps as well as using the dedicated

    Limited time, I think, so hop to it!
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  2. I'm bumping this because I can't believe that only one person (thanks silverbullet) out of the 38 who have looked, has found some value in this. I *know* there are a lot of iOS users in this forum.
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    Nov 4, 2011
    Thanks for free space
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    so cool but I am not an IOA user, rather I use Symbian, Android and WP7
  5. Its too late anyway, those who didn't think it was worth a look when I posted have probably missed out.