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    Mar 27, 2013

    I decided to join SC after enjoying many of the postings. I grew up with my dad's passion for photography, shot quite a bit during my teens, but hung it all up in my twenties. Then, after 30 years on the bench, I read George Gilder's book The Silicon Eye about Foveon. As a former Silicon Valley rat, I became so intrigued, that I eventually came off of the bench with my purchase of a Sigma DP1x in 2011. And after falling in love with my DP1x, I added other two other cameras. But across time, I realized that I couldn't put my little Sigma down, while the others collected dust. So, I sold them, and recently ordered a used DP2S to create a simplified, two-camera kit. Two serious compacts!

    While certainly a Sigma fan, I'm just another rookie who finds himself intrigued with photography as an art form - and any means used to capture and express through imaging in general. I particularly enjoy viewing the work of the early masters, like Henri Cartier Bresson, Alfred Stieglitz, and recently had a chance to view the "SnapShot" exhibition which toured through the Indianapolis Museum of Art here in the midwestern United States. I was amazed at the images produced by these early adopters - classically trained fine artists - handholding their Eastman Kodak Bullet cameras during the late 19th century.

    I have an endless curiosity about capturing images, and have recently started printing. I enjoy capturing nature and landscapes, and find myself a very patient and deliberate shooter who enjoys being in the field. My hope is to both learn from those who are more experienced within this forum, as well as contribute once I have value to offer. I have much to learn, especially with the challenges associated around recording with Foveon sensors. My dream is to be recognized one day as fine artist, and produce beautiful, large (A3 or larger) fine art prints.

    Blue Skies,

    Carmel, IN
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    Bill Shinnick
    Hello and welcome Scott - quite a lot of respect for the Sigmas here on SC.
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    Dec 28, 2011
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    Phoenix Gonzales
    Hi and welcome Scott

    My photo-history is somewhat similar, I returned to photography after some period of time in cryostasis :biggrin:
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    I've got a thing for the DP compacts.. one day I'll own one. Welcome!
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    Apr 1, 2013
    Hi, photography is my passion. I have started with a Oly compact C310zoom (still have it), then upgraded to Fuji S9600, later Oly SP350 (still working), also owned a Fuji a900 (sell it), had Oly E420, latter upgraded to Nex 5 series with nex a have realized that photography can be even more fun with old prime lenses, but nex was too big for every day use so I have bought a Sony RX100. For me rx100 is one of the best cameras ever made (compare size, use, cost,...) I consider myself a hobby photographer, the best camera is the one you cane have it with you all the time (not a bulk dslr having it in a bag or in your car) and I am trying to learn from different pros and amateur photographers from web, forums, so I am grateful to comments for pictures I post. On the wish list is also a RX1. Greetings, Lars