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    I was reading part I of W. Phillip Keller's biography, Wonder o' the Wind this am. He was relating his experiences photographing wildlife in Africa. Before he left for the dark continent, he sought the advice of a friend in New York City as to what camera to buy. He purchased a Leica and some lenses, the longest of which was 135mm.

    Keller says that the Leica was terrific for photographing wildlife because it was so quiet. He photographed lions from as close a eight feet and elephants feeding on the tree he was sitting in. There are at least two books of his wildlife photography -- one about Africa, the other about Canada -- and NatGeo also bought some of his stuff.

    Later in his career, he turned to writing Christian inspirational books that were outdoor related.

    Cheers, Jock
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    Lions at eight feet. The Good Lord is indeed with him. :D
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