Image stabilisation and tripods.

Discussion in 'Open Gear Talk' started by bilzmale, Oct 28, 2015.

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    Bill Shinnick
    Some years back when IS in cameras was a somewhat newer concept I seem to remember a lot of discussion that generally concluded that in camera stabilisation should be switched off when using a tripod.

    What is the current state of play - are newer systems more compatible with a tripod mounted camera?
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    My only real stabilized camera is my EM-5; I have always turned off IBIS on the tripod if only for better battery life. I've been reading a bit about the experiences of the early adopters of the new Sony stabilized A series (eg. A7 ii and Rii - don't have one yet but GAS could go there....); users there also seem to be still turning off stabilization, though some that forgot to do so don't see clear evidence of ruined images. The worry, and it seems a bit theoretical, is that the inherent movement / buzzing that IBIS systems have sets up high frequency resonances in the camera/mount/tripod that can't in turn be stabilized out.
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    I think the greater risk is, having turned off image stabilisation to use a tripod, you then forget to turn it back on again afterwards and end up with blurry hand held shots until you figure out why.

    That's what happened to me anyway.

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