I Need Help! X1, X2 or X100S?

Discussion in 'Leica' started by MrDoug, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. I'm considering buying a X100s, but I like what I have seen and heard about the X1 and X2 as well.. I have heard the X100s has some focusing issues (which I don't understand) and not quite the bling and pop color rendition and IQ as the Leica's have.. which one of the 3 would you choose? All suggestions and advice is appreciated.. I have GAS so bad that I need to keep the ceiling fan on all day in my house.. please help.. :smile:
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    I really don't know much about the Leica's, but Fuji's jpegs at least are stunning, I hardly ever turn to the raw files anymore. The X100 non-S focuses quickly enough for nearly all situations now, with the most recent FW update; I can't imagine the X100S being any worse with its PDAF pixels.

    For a general advice, I think it's useful to give us a better idea for what you're looking for. What kinda shooting do you intend to do with the camera? Is shallow DOF important to you? How much do you need a viewfinder? Do you like to process raw images or prefer jpegs?
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    For me at least there can only be one answer and I speak as a 20+ year Leica veteran with £'000s still invested in the glass and in (film) bodies.

    Buy the Fuji.

    If in doubt, buy the Fuji.

    I'd buy the Fuji if I were you.

    Did I mention you should buy the Fuji?

    The Leica X series (X1, X2 and X-Vario) are undoubtedly capable of good results in the right hands but they are vastly overpriced (albeit the X-Vario is dropping like a stone since the introduction of the T), Leica seem to think firmware updates are an irrelevance and - critically - a viewfinder is a cludgy afterthought.

    I have road-tested the X1 and X-V and was completely underwhelmed by both. Much to my deep regret Leica have lost their mojo in the digital arena.

    So of your stated choices, I would go for the X-100s. If you want something of equal quality in a smaller package, go for the Ricoh GR, but don't have an ersatz and disappointing Leica "experience"...
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  4. Thanks for the comments and suggestions.. I shoot people, places and things.. I have ruled out the X1 and X2. now looking at the Ricoh GR.. weight is also one of my major considerations..
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    I still use the "old" X100 (before it got an "S"). It is still one of the best cameras out there. The GR has IQ that equals it. It feels great in the hand and is slightly more compact and maybe lighter, but I would guess about the same. It lacks a proper viewfinder so for me, that nearly rules it out. If you can live without a viewfinder and enjoy framing on a rear LCD, it may come down to focal length. Some prefer the wider 28mm equiv of the GR. For me, I always feel like I'm too far away from the action, so I prefer the 35mm equiv of the X100.
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    what type of shooting will you be doing?
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    from those 3 Ive used two, the X2 and owned the X100s. I would buy the X100s hands down. eventhough I hate the Xtrans sensor in it and how it renders images through lightroom (I love the X100 IQ instead). Yet, I much prefer the IQ of the X2, but for me theres lots more besides that. And for usability, handling, speed, iq, etc the FUJI X100s is WAYYYYYYYYYYYY better to me than the X2.

    Now, I currently dont own any of those cameras. I own a Ricoh GR instead which I can´t say anything bad from it. for me, is my favorite compact digital camera ever. But that's a personal opinion.
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    I still use my X1 and X100 but without a shadow of doubt my X100S is the camera I'd keep if I only kept one.
    If it had a stabiliser it would be the perfect fixed lens camera as it's a joy to use with fabulous IQ from F2.8.