I hate iMac's...well not really BUT!

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  1. I was going to replace my iMac later this year (November) and was hoping to save enough for the 27" jobby but my current iMac has died big time :frown: From what my computer boffin (he does it for a living) friend has found he says it's beyond economic repair. It has been faultless for over 3 years but started playing up recently so i backed everything up just in time for it to go bang! So........

    I can't afford a Mac so have bought a pretty nice PC with the screen size I want which is 24" I'm quite happy going back to PC as Win 7 is really nice. Thing is i had no money so had to sell the G3:eek::frown:, all M43 lenses and the X10 to pay for it :frown: The X10 i'm not missing at all as it did have weird exposure trates but i do miss the G3. Thankfully i have the Canon 550D and the Sony NEX C3 so i have cameras to play with. The 550D was a freebie from my brother (Thanks mate!) so i did'nt want to sell that.

    Because of commission from work via Canon i get vouchers which are being issued earlier than expacted so i will be able to get another Serious Compact at the end of the month but the vouchers are only usable in 1 shop...Jessops! Hey ho! I can't use them where i work. Gonna have about £650 to spend so need to think carefully about what to get. There are loads of new cameras coming out within the next month or so which is good so lots to think about.
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    Your story started sad, but then I read the happy end:smile: OMG, that voucher seems to be made for the OMD.
  3. I did think about the OM-D or E-M5 to give it it's proper name and it does look an awesome bit of kit that i would love to own but at £999 just for the body it's out my league. I have been looking at the Panny GX1 with the 20mm. I loved the IQ from the G3 and the GX1 has the same sensor. The 20mm f1.7 on the G3 was fantastic and i did say once that if i could only have 1 camera and 1 lens it would be the GF1 and 20mm f1.7. This was when i had a GF1 and I could not fault it. I think the GX1 with 20mm may be the one for me but am looking also at the E-PM1 with 17mm or 20m fi.7...possibly?
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    Good luck with getting your new camera, and great news about the vouchers!!! Bad news about the iMac :-( I would be devastated had I had to go back to windows, it wouldn't happen, I can tell you. Glad your happy with your new setup though, it's amazing how we rely so much on computers these days hey????
  5. For me, it would be a cheap PC and hackint0sh or Debian (or one of its variants). I can't go Windows again. Its bad enough having a virtual machine for those times when one must because some hardware vendor or other refuses to acknowledge that macs exist.
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    Glad the story has a happy ending!
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    Glad to hear that you backed up: too many people don't.