I don't get out much :)

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  1. But today I managed to drag myself in to town, and down to the canoe pool for a little walkabout. It was like a mirror this morning, it was low tide and no wind.

    Looks like someone else was just out for a little gadabout too.
    watching par Sue Wotton, on ipernity

    And then, theres the eternal gulls.
    cpmorn par Sue Wotton, on ipernity

    The little dark blurred bird in this last is a Welcome Swallow, having breakfast :) There were quite a few around today, must have been lots of insects in the air.
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  2. Heres some more, same location.

    gonefishing par Sue Wotton, on ipernity

    And just to show off how very decent the V1 is, with its 30-110, the dog from the first shot, by himself, then a 100% crop of him from the original (which I havent uploaded. The first shot is simply for comparison of size, I guess). I did do some PP with a bit of sharpen and NR.

    oh yeah, theres another welcome swallow. you can hardly see him flitting past the rocks, but you can see his reflection.
    doggy par Sue Wotton, on ipernity

    And here's the crop. a bit *too* smooth, but oh well, I dont mind for my purposes.
    doggy1 par Sue Wotton, on ipernity
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  3. Luke

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    Nov 11, 2011
    Milwaukee, WI USA
    all are nice, but that first one is GREAT!
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  4. Nice hangout spot. Like the one with the two perspective fishermen.
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  5. Lawrence A.

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    Nov 8, 2012
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    Beautiful photos, Sue. I envy you the stillness. Here, though warm, the Spring winds are going full force, stirring up all the stuff I'm allergic to. I can't breathe, though an inhaler I get tomorrow should calm thing down. Meantime, your mirror-like water looks very, very attractive.
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  6. pniev

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    May 13, 2013
    Glad you stepped out!

    It's a beautiful set.

    Hopefully it inspired you to go out more often (if possible).
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  7. bilzmale

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    Bill Shinnick
    Very relaxing set.
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  8. Hoping to get out again in the morning. I may not take photographs, it was good just being there and getting some fresh air that wasnt full of pollens or dust, and not humid, for once. We shall see. Full (invasive) angiogram next week, hopefully I will now get proper treatment and not be sick all the time. If so... I'll be back at it in no time. I have plans!!
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  9. BBW

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    Jul 7, 2010
    betwixt and between
    Sue, I never knew these were called "canoe pools" - people swim in them don't they? I've always been so jealous of you Aussie's with your phenomenally beautiful coastline and these wonderful pools! How wonderful to get out and be there to enjoy the beauty and tranquility. Here's to a positive outcome for you next week and a plan going forward so you can be back to your old self ASAP!
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  10. BB as far as I know this is the only "canoe pool" in Christendom and although I have been told why it was called that, I really don't remember. Probably because at the time, the explanation made no sense to me. Once, there was a complete map of the world on the bottom, and children could walk about or swim about above it. I always think of it as a toddler's wading pool, but it is very deep at the outer edge. In summer on weekends, you'll see families there with small children. And it needs a good cleanout after the gulls have gathered. You can see the feathers on the water if you know to look.
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  11. BBW

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    Jul 7, 2010
    betwixt and between
    Ah, then it must be different than the ones I've seen in other people's photographs - still beautiful, and I like the idea of the map of the world but not the gull's poop!:eek::wink:
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  12. You mean there are others? Love to see them!! Where?