I don't believe a man can have too many bags?

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  1. I guess I must be the Imelda Marcos of bags, but I always find new and interesting ways of transporting gear. Camera Bags, Climbing Sacs, Tote Bags, FieldBags and Holdalls. This sight might just inspire you, t did me?

    Camera bags, Filson Magnum, - WannAccess
  2. They seem to get better with age too? See my Billingham Packington Bag in the "For Sale" section

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  3. This firm based in the English Lake District and named after the famed explorer and environmentalist Milican Dalton make some very well made bags.

    Shoulder Bags – Millican

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    Here's my humble contribution: I need more bags

    I discovered after I took the pic that there were a couple I had forgotten to include. :)
  5. Right, Tony, women don't have a monopoly on bags, I'm the same with shoes and jackets as well, and watches but I limit myself to one wristwatch, I ddid have two due to a purchase last summer but I gave my beautiful JLC Reverso to our daughter. She has always admired it and she would have inherited it anyway so it is nice to see her enjoying it

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    I have a camera bag or two....they just seem to be for holding all my camera stuff while it sits in the closet. I never take them out of the house.
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  7. I with you there Luke, I do exactly the same but I guess that it keeps thing protected?
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    I like the Millican bags a lot. Haven't bought one (yet), but they gave me quite some inspiration regarding my personal wishes in a bag. I'm considering trying to make my own one day...
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    I have the Dave backpack and a messenger of some sort. They are really very good indeed...
  11. billingham-bag-2.jpg I guess Billingham Bags are hard to beat