I believe the serious compact collection is complete.

Discussion in 'Open Gear Talk' started by Bruce McL, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. That could change over time! :)

    Here they are: G1X, Coolpix A, GM5, Coolpix P330. Mostly I use them for landscapes and cityscapes.


    The G1X is on the big side for a compact camera. I bought it as a bit of an experiment: it was cheaper and more compact than adding a 12-60 lens to the GM5. The G1X is heavier, though, and I miss the EVF on the GM5. As documented elsewhere on this forum, it's easy to blow out highlights with this camera. Really good detail in the images though.

    I don’t miss an EVF on the Coolpix A because 28mm is very familiar for me, being the start of the zoom range for a lot of my past serious compacts (such as FX01, TZ3, FX150). The dynamic range from this sensor is awesome.

    The two lenses in front of the GM5 are 20mm and 8mm. The generic 8mm fisheye is a lot of fun, I started a thread for it on the mu-43 site.

    Showcase - no-name 8mm F3.8 4/3” Fish-Eye lens

    The P330 is the newest member of the collection. I’m not sure how much use it will get. It is very convenient, but it is also a reality check on camera size vs image quality. It may be nice to have in my pocket if I'm out and about but not on a "formal" camera walk.
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    Have an overall favorite in the bunch or is it 'something special' about each particular one?
  3. The GM5 is my overall favorite. The EVF is so nice to have outdoors generally, and at all times with the fisheye lens.
    The Coolpix A is a luxury - I could easily make do with a Panasonic 14mm prime on the GM5.
    If I could get a 12-54 "waffle" lens for the GM5 I could do without the other two cameras. Something thicker than a pancake, but with a collapsible design like the 12-32 kit lens. There is a 14-42 pancake, but that's not quite what I want. Now that I have 24mm equivalent at the wide end in a nice camera I am reluctant to give it up.
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    I don't think I'd seen the Coolpix A in silver before. Boy, if I could just get over the mental hurdle of carrying a camera called a "Coolpix", I could definitely carry that one around. That's a sweet little collection you've got there.
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  5. Thank you. I wanted a black Coolpix A, but found a good deal on this silver one. The lack of attention I get with the silver color is an unexpected benefit. I guess to most people it looks like a drug store point and shoot.

    On the streets of Reno during "Hot August Nights," silver was definitely better! Seeing people at this event walking around with big black DSLRs around their necks made me smile.

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  6. bluzcity

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    Be nice if the Panny 12-35 was collapsible. But don't suppose that is possible.
  7. My GM5 came with the 12-32 kit lens, which is mounted on the camera in the first photo in this thread. It is relatively small and what it does it does well. Everybody seems to like the sharpness of this lens, and I agree with them.


    The 12-35 is ƒ2 throughout the range, which means it’s going to be big. Below are some other zoom options that start at ƒ3.5, mounted on the GM5.

    Screen Shot lenses.JPG

    I look at that big 12-60 compared to the two small lenses on the left and think there’s got to be a way to make a 12-60 or 12-54 that starts at ƒ3.5 significantly smaller. However I realize Panasonic may have other lens priorities.
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  8. Sweet collection, Bruce. I have both a GM5 and a Coolpix A myself and largely concur with most of your observations. Though there is something quite special about the combination of the Coolpix A's lens and sensor that is hard to quantify in objective language, but it seems to make special photographs. The GM5 though is a great tiny camera and does so many things, for such a small beast, that it continues to surprise me ;)
  9. Thank you. I may never buy a DSLR, but if I do the Nikon D5100 is at the top of my list. It shares the same sensor, and seemingly the same processing engine, as the Coolpix A. The Camera Profile files for the two cameras are identical in Lightroom, as are the files from the heavier D7000.

    I just added a Kodak 12-45 lens to the collection. It's been less than a week, but so far I like it. I put up a review of that lens on mu-43. I may let the 20mm lens go - it's a very nice lens, but it just doesn't fit my style.