How to Post Images in Forum Threads

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    The easiest method, which works from any device:

    1) Either drag the image(s) to your message or use the "Upload a Photo" button to select your image(s).

    2) Use the appropriate "Click Here to Insert Image into Post" depending on whether you want to insert all images or one image into your message.

    The other methods mentioned in that other thread will still work. Images greater than 1600px will be automatically resized.

    If your image is already hosted (uploaded) elsewhere on the web and you know the URL for the image, you can click on the Image button while making a post, paste your image URL into the space provided, and click "Insert".

    Another way to post images if you know the URL is to type IMG tags around your URL like this:

    If I know I am going to post 6 images in a thread, I type:

    and then copy/paste it 5 times to get:

    ... and then paste my image URLs into the 6 locations.

    Many image hosting services including Flickr will provide you with BBcode for posting your images on sites like this. That BBcode can be copied and pasted in its entirety directly into your forum post where you want the image to appear without using the Image button and without using additional IMG tags.

    Regardless of which method you use, images greater than 1600px in maximum dimension will automatically be resized.
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    very simple, very easy....I like it!
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    The direct upload method is very slick, very easy, and no longer it is necessary to first resize pix before uploading. I like it!
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