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    Guilty pleasures confessions dept. I work from home a fair bit, and have become hooked upon a BBC TV lunchtime serial called "Doctors". Whilst not my customary cup of tea in entertainment terms it is ideal for a break when having a cup of tea - and a butty... It's redeeming feature is that there is a fair amount of humour scattered in amongst "disease of the day" and various improbable goings-on.

    Anyway, to the point. One of the regular characters Dr. Clay, has decided to take up photography. The man has taste - he has acquired a Fuji X-Pro 1 and taken himself off to evening classes. His lens choice, at least initially, appeared to be a 28mm.

    Over the weekend it looks like he has added a 56mm and a natty leather shoulder bag. We find him accosting the practice manager on her way into work, papping away with the X-Pro and the 56 like a good 'un and offering to update the staff photos on the website. In the very next scene he has mounted the X-Pro on a tripod, inexplicably switched back to the 28mm, set up a full lighting rig and is waving a honking great light meter around taking direct readings.

    I really must book myself on one of these magical courses. In the space of a couple of weeks he seems to have mastered not only his camera and lens choices but also the art of complex studio lighting. His confidence has increased in leaps and bounds - just a few episodes ago (it's shown daily) he was browsing through photo mags, now he thinks he's David Bailey... ;)

    I fully expect tomorrow's episode to feature a discussion on the benefits of thumbrests, straps and grips.

    Knowing the scriptwriters as I do, I fully expect Dr. Clay's foray into photography to be used as a plot device in the near future. In fact I expect he will either:

    a) ...inadvertently snap a robbery in progress
    b) accused of being a pervert
    c) a hot babe as a direct result of his new interest

    ...I shall keep you all posted as the story line develops.
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    can't wait to hear how the story continues. Is it one of those series where it takes another 287 episodes to get to the next day?

    You were thinking about the script writers. I was thinking that Fuji sponsors a couple of episodes and that the plot is how easy it is to become a photography master just by buying the Fuji.
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    And I did just that :dance::cautious:
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