Horizontal Trees

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    Jul 17, 2010
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    Bill Shinnick
    Just home after a 3 day visit to Geraldton (420km from Perth).

    The first tree is on a corner in town and has had serious pruning at some stage.

    25800548496_a0dbd4114a_b.jpg DSC00622-Edit-rs by Bill Shinnick, on Flickr

    The second tree is one of several in Greenough (20 km south) and is flat and coastal. A lot of the trees are shaped by constant prevailing sea breezes and this is the most spectacular and a favourite photo opportunity.

    25800554046_f108723918_b.jpg DSC00631-Edit-Pano-Edit-Edit-rs by Bill Shinnick, on Flickr[​IMG]
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