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    Over 20 years ago I had a major incident happen in my life that I'd like to share with you here. I've been involved in the aviation field for over 30 years and am currently still flying. My photography is just a hobby but I'm here on this forum as I am a new convert to the compact camera and the enjoyment I've been getting by the community here and the chance to share and learn.

    A couple members here are aware of this incident and a quick Google search on my name would turn this info up so I felt no problems in sharing this with you.

    This past week I was in Savannah, Georgia for some additional training for my job and this incident came up. One of our senior management personal asked about it and I said I'd share some photos I had received after the mishap.

    These are what I shared with him. They're annotated to help explain what is going on in the photos. An individual with a motorwind film camera was across the fence to the runway of the airport I was trying get back to and took these shots.

    I received these in an 8x10 format that I scanned many years ago into Tiff files and have been sitting on a CD in a drawer for a few years now.

    I'll let the photos tell the story and welcome any comments.




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    Duane, I remember that like it was yesterday. I live about 8 miles from there. I remember it being an interesting story. If I recall correctly, the community called you a hero as you saved many lives.
    Please tell some of the story.
  3. welcome

    I remember that incident. It was on the news for a week.

    Glad you are all right and welcome to our forum.