Historic Transportation, Leica T/18-56.

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    Here's a historic form of transportation peculiar to small sections of a few American cities, primarily for tourists. This Leica T/18-56 image shows the limits of the JPEG engine when the weather, skies, and lighting are wet, cloudy, and dull. Pixel smear is visible at 100 percent view, particularly on the trees, and this at ISO 100. (note that the small segment of sky at top center was flood-filled from a saved pattern.) f5.6, 1/125, ISO 100.

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    Thanks for posting.
    I've still got my eye on the X Vario because of the lens.... another £50 OFF this weekend so pricewise it's moving the right way and looking for the promised firmware fix for the AF.
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    I think the X Vario is a great deal, as good a photo machine as the T, with only the removable lens as the difference. I have a number of X Vario images on my website, shot as JPEG only, and they look really good.