HELP!! Panasonic WiFi upload to iOS devices.

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  1. I have been fighting with my multiple panasonic compacts for some time, in an effort to get them to upload to my iPad via WiFi. I cannot ever seem to get them to connect. I have had success getting my phone to drive my FZ1000 for example, but cannot get any success to upload the results to the iPad, or even to the phone. Its really frustrating. I have no such issues with the Nikon WiFi upload and the software is really basic by comparison.

    Has anyone had any success? If so, I'd appreciate a short tutorial, since following the camera instruction fails every time.
  2. Les Klein

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    Dec 10, 2015
    I connect my LX100 to my iPhone and iPad via WiFi. One of the ‘tricks’ is to disconnect your i-device from your home wifi network or select the camera (once Wifi is enabled) as the WiFi network for your i-device.

    I assume that you’ve downloaded the the Panasonic app onto your i-device.
    The next step is to turn on WiFi on the camera.
    Then select the camera WiFi network on your i-device.

    Let me know if this is helpful. If not, inform me of the sequence of steps you try and I’ll try to guide you.
  3. Thanks Les, must be getting late for you over there and I am about to go out. I'll give your suggestion a go tomorrow. The Nikon is so easy, no idea why the Panasonic is not. Exactly the same method. The camera becomes the access point.

    I dont like the Panasonic app at all, but... theres always Cascable but that didnt help either. In the meantime I have ordered a new connection kit from ebay. The one I have (old 32pin with lightning adapter - Apple branded, both) is now being rejected as not compatible.
  4. Les Klein

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    Dec 10, 2015
    I’ve just looked at Cascable and similar apps for the first time. Didn’t know they existed! I’ve only used the Panasonic app.

    Aside from some experimentation, I’ve used it mostly for group selfies. Instead of using a 10 sec. delay and running to join them, I set a 2 sec delay and activate the camera while posing with the group.

    I remember that initial set up was a bit of a challenge. I had to enter the camera’s wifi node key manually into the iPad and iPhone.
  5. Seems like everyone is looking to control the camera with wifi. Interestingly that has never been an issue. I simply want to download photos from the camera to my ipad. I dont want to shoot using the ipad or iphone.

    Cascable requires that your idevice and camera be connected to the same network. Alas, even though the camera sees the network it wont connect.

    I'll try your idea of making the camera the access point. I have never succeeded in the past but theres always a first time :)
  6. Les Klein

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    Dec 10, 2015
    When I started with the LX100 I also tried to connect through my home WiFi network and was not successful. I then tried using the camera as the node and it worked.

    One of the actions on the Panasonic app is to transfer images to the iPad. This is different from looking at the low resolution image on the iPad as the camera is taking the picture. The transferred image is full resolution and is stored in Photos.
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  7. Les, thank you so much, its all working now (well, with the LX anyway - will continue with the others now). So simple, but I could not get it until you instructed me.
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  8. Les Klein

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    Dec 10, 2015
    You’re welcome. Always glad to help!
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    Aug 31, 2017
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    I've had no difficulty in wirelessly connecting my LX100 to my iPad to transfer images, but I found the transfer to be very slow compared to putting the SD card into the Apple connector cable thing. As well as being quicker, the cable has the advantage of being the same process whether I've shot with my LX100 or one of my Olympus or Sony cameras.

    I still sometimes use the app, but only as a remote control.
  10. My connector thingy died (I had bought one for my iPad1 and was using an adapter for use with my Air2). There's one on the way to me now. I would prefer to use a cable to connect the SD card, but that was not an option this past week.