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    Hello! I've been a member for awhile, but have never introduced myself. I stumbled upon this group while searching for information on a camera - probably - at that time - the G12 - and was immediately attracted to the range of topics, and helpful comments, discussed here. I soon also learned that the affliction with which I'd been wrestling for some time had a name: GAS. Now I'm hoping, like many of you seem to be as well, to quit fretting about cameras and get on to making photos. Thank you all for the wide range of assistance and inspiration you've already provided.

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    BLB aka blb, thanks so much for stopping in here to introduce yourself.:friends: All this time I've been misspelling your name, so apologies for interpreting your l as an i, for starters.

    Hope you'll share some of your photographs here soon. Maybe join in the Weekly Challenge, if you've got an appropriate picture, or add to one of our image threads. Irregardless, here's your official welcome!:biggrin:
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    Welcome from Holland! So, what are you using for your shots? The G12?

    By the way, isn't Grand Rapids where Anthony Kiedis is from?
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    Thanks for the local welcome. Camera-wise, I ended-up first with a Canon t2i and then added an NEX 5n. Unfortunately, I'm not able to keep two horses in the stable, so am now trying to sell the 5n. As I noted in my FS post on this site, in many ways, I like the images from the 5n better, but I have two boys who are pretty active in sports and such and the dslr is easier for me to use for that purpose. Plus - my first real camera was a Pentax K1000 and I'm afraid I feel a little disloyal with another brand in my hand. If I ran into a manageable deal, I'd sell both my cameras and go to a Pentax 5 (I have a couple lens), save for awhile, and wait until a little of the seemingly weekly advances in compact cameras settles out a bit before tasting from that GAS producing buffet again. :smile::smile:)
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    Hi BLB, welcome to the Family!
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    hahaha I know what you mean, there're so many cameras coming out these days and all seem to offer at least something I'd like... Understandable choice of keeping the camera that allows you to record those moments of your sons!
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    Welcome aboard!!
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