Have ouned the DP3 Merrill 2 months

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  1. You have all heard this many times but for me as I discover my DP3 M I'm nonplussed at how well it is set up. It was designed and made by people who really love Photography. The color and IQ are the best I've seen digitally and top my old medium format film systems. The one fly is of course DDP and it's slowness and lack of connection with 3rd party raw converters. With my work flow pace it's doable and with the IQ etc. worth it. So I'm jazzed by the DP3 M it sort of lets the air out of my Canon 60D system with good fast glass up to 400mm F5.6. Where it's only advantage is it's reach.

    My money tree is shredded in getting the MP3 M or I would have the 1M and 2M also. With it's low ISO performance I also invested in the EF 610 DG Super for Sigma DSLRs which works with the DP series. I also got a 2 meter off camera Canon TTL cord for the flash. This did not work as it was to long. A 1/2 meter cord works much better.

    The link below is My first try with the camera. I live in a rain forest and in late October to early November we have a lot of rain so the flower pix are shot in a local shopping center at their cut flower shop, off my tri-pod. We also have a world class Japanese Garden which is the location of the fall photos.


    https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157646855301804/
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    Great detail in these pics as expected from the DP3M. Welcome to the forum and enjoy your time here.
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    Wow. Just gorgeous.