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  1. I was looking at grips for the XZ-1, because I've become very used to having a bump of some kind to hang onto.

    The Richard Franiec grip looks nice but being made of alum it seems to be that it might not be necessarily the best option. I'm also looking at Flipbac as well and I'm attracted to Grip 1, with the bevel extending the whole length of the grip. Also, its made from a rubbery material so I'm thinking its likely to be a bit more "grippy" than something metal.

    Does anyone else have any exp with the flipbac? I know nearly everyone has got the Franiec grip but I was hoping to hear from someone who made a different choice.
  2. Lili

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    Oct 17, 2010
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    Not heard of the flipbac before Sue, I like my Franiec
  3. I think I've decided to get a pack of 4 flipbacs for the XZ, I can't decide which would be best for me, but I like the idea of the rubberised grip, something I have got used to on the GRD. I feel like the alu one from Franiec would be more slippery, and I am a klutz. A Christmas pressie to me from me.
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    Bill Shinnick
    I'm using these on my X100 and EX1 - they are quite stable and a good investment at the price.
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    I,ve got one for my e-p1. I like the rubber feel but wish it was thicker.