Greetings from Hong Kong... (and a squitous route to compacts)

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    I found this great forum - as many do - via a Google search while researching options for a serious compact. Not only did I get valuable information here, but it was immediately apparent - at least from the thread I read - that this is a very civil and welcoming, encouraging forum, unlike the many flame-fests out there. A nice find. I look forward to contributing at least a little, as I embark on a new journey with compacts. I took a sequitous route to get here!...

    I returned to photography as a hobby about 5 years ago - digital. A Nikon D200. I used it to capture social occasions, and travel to wine regions mainly. Like many people, around the same time mobile phone cameras got better, and I would often use these to take 'snaps'. Many of these are the most treasured photos I have... because it was the camera I had to hand when needed, os it was the one that got the shot.

    Last year I upgraded the rig to "FX" with the D800, and some beautiful sharp-blunt instruments from Nikon. People are fond of using the term "IQ" these days in describing the qualities that combine to render appealing images. The D800 has it in spades. A typical set up - say D800 plus 24/1.4 G weight over 1.5kg. With some Zeiss lenses I like, even more...

    This year I have been getting into film photography - rangefinder and SLR. I'm loving the "analogue". I took a course to learn B&W film processing, and wet print making. Loved it. I'd like to do more and intend to do so.

    Compacts? Well, as you can imagine, the film set ups offer a more 'zen' approach. I still have undeveloped film, have a scanner on the way... and I have not been disciplined enough to keep good notes on settings in the absence of exif data...

    Compacts??? Well, it is now an iPhone 4, but the same issue that applied 5 years ago, applies today, I take many of my most treasured 'snaps' on my phone. Because it is in my pocket.

    Compacts??? So, I knew I needed to bridge the gap. The analogue kit gives me no worries at all - it was all obsolete when I bought it, and it is nice stuff. It will hold its value, and even if it doesn't it will hold its utility so long as there is film to buy. The digital kit though I don't measure in $$$ spent, but $$$ depreciated. Shelf life is short. I sold my D200 today, and my DX lenses. Great gear, but at 5 years old, "ancient". So I figured the cost of analogue is film and the cost of digital is depreciation. It will become worthless, and soon, but if you are using it a lot, you are getting your value per image. It's okay. And it is exciting what is being crammed into smaller cameras...

    Compacts???? I'm getting there!

    For me it came down to this: I want the power, flexibility and IQ of my D800 and lenses, and I want the pocketability of my iPhone. It doesn't exist today. But this year it got a lot lot closer with the Nikon Coolpix A and the Ricoh GR. I bought the Coolpix A. I like the quality of it, its DX sensor and processor are miles ahead of the DX sensor and chip of the D200 I sold today, and it fits in my front jeans pocket. I will save my buying decisions for another post, lest to say I have joined the ranks of the 'serious compacts' users, and I'm glad I have.

    I look forward to learning here, and to sharing experiences.

    Many thanks,
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    Welcome to Serious Compacts, Linden! Looking forward to seeing some of your work - and do note we also have a film photography section here on SC! :smile: :wink:
  3. Hello Linden and welcome! I've already taken a look at that first shot off your Coolpix A (congrats at getting a decent price too!!) and am looking forward to more from you :)
  4. Welcome! Do show us what that sweet camera can do in your hands, please.
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    Glad you found your way here, Linden!!! These days I feel more and more as you do...the camera I have with me is the camera I use. Right now that's my iPhone 4 though my Fuji Xs are itching to get out.:biggrin: