GRD "MY 1,2,3" settings are forgotten

Discussion in 'Ricoh' started by kyteflyer, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. Between on and off, and even moving from MY something to Scene or AP for example, the settings I have made in all my "MY" settings have been forgotten. I have only been playing with them sporadically so I have no idea if this is a normal state of affairs. Scene remembers where its supposed to be and what its supposed to do if I have made alterations, "MY" does not, which is a royal PITA.

    I'm wondering if there is a setting in the general settings I have changed or forgotten to set which might affect this. It doesnt make any sense. I dont think the drop the poor thing had can be responsible, because surely other settings would also be forgotten...

    Help anyone?
  2. Clearly, not neasrly enough people on the forum realise that at times, I miss things so obvious that were they people, I would get slapped quite frequently...

    "Reg My Settings" is a menu item I had actually not discovered, and now that I have, suddenly I can save the settings I have created in the MY areas. IMO thats an extra step which could be dropped. Surely if you change the settings in MY, you might assume you want them saved. Are you listening, Ricoh?

    Its not something I was looking for... anyway, all settled. Perhaps the 40 odd people who looked in here (perhaps looking for an answer for their own "forgotten" settings) might now feel at ease.

    Its in Menu and is the first item on Page 1 of Key Custom Settings. ARGGHHHHHHH!!
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    Sorry imissed this one Sue. I suspect you may be right.
    oops I meant you found the right fix. I realised after posting my comment could sound bad :confused:
  4. Thanks Lili, yeah it was the right fix. I just can't believe how stupid I was not to spot the menu item. No wonder nobody replied, they probably would have been unable to restrain themselves :)

    Your comment doesnt sound bad at all!