GR - developing raws to match jpgs?

Discussion in 'Ricoh' started by Tilman Paulin, Oct 21, 2015.

  1. bit of a noob question (have the camera now for a week) - apologies if this has come up before!

    Ricoh provides Silkypix with the GR.
    Will the raw-files developed in Silkypix match the GR's in-camera-jpgs (including effects like "Positive Film", etc.)?

    I haven't come around to installing it yet (which would answer my question ;-) ), but I thought I'd ask first. I'm not overly keen on installing and learning yet another raw-converter unless there's a good reason for it... :)
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    Sep 9, 2011
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    Had Silkypix once. Didn't like it at all. I'm a lightroom user and as yet i've not been able to replicate the GR's Positive and bleach bypass setting.
    Lately I have had the effects turned off. (unless shooting b&w), and am happiest developing raw to my own liking.
    I'm pretty sure Silkypix does not have a one touch effect setting for the GR.
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  3. Ah, shame. :( I was hoping that Ricoh would provide something like Olympus does with their Viewer3 Software or Canon with DPP...

    I know that there's in-camera raw-processing... but something that would enable me to batch-re-process some photos e.g with different white-balance or with/without a photo-filter would have been great.

    Heard bad things about Silkypix before, that's why I'm hesitating to install it...
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    If you want to set defaults and develop in a batch, Silkypix is OK, as long as all your expectations match, i.e. no unexpected lens corrections or whatever.
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  5. But Silkypix won't be using the same algorithms/recipe as the in-camera raw-processor, right?

    Because if Silkypix doesn't match the look of the out-of-camera jpgs then there isn't really a point in using it - if you already have a raw converter that you like(?)
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    If Silkypix is supplied for or recommended for your camera by the camera mfr. (ex: Panasonics), then there shouldn't be a problem unless you're using a lens that needs special corrections. Silkypix isn't one of the big softwares that has corrections for all kinds of cameras, unless that's a plug-in. I assume if someone is even considering Silkypix, it's because it's free with the camera purchase.
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  7. I'm not really concerned that Silkypix won't support the Ricoh GR raw files. It's provided with the camera, so it will.

    I was simply wondering if Ricoh passed on their "recipe" for raw conversions to Silkypix - resulting in Silkypix's raw conversions looking like the in-camera-jpgs.
    (Much like Olympus Viewer 3 or Canon DPP can create jpgs that are identical to the in-camera jpgs - if you leave the settings untouched)

    Or if Silkypix is only provided as a general solution for raw conversion. And its default-results will have slightly different colours from the camera-jpgs.
    Much like Lightroom or Capture One will each have a slightly different rendering.

    I suspect the latter. But I guess I'll just install it and see for myself.
    Apologies if I didn't make myself clear enough :)
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    Jan 19, 2015
    No need to apologise, it's just that I don't think many of us have used Silkypix (well I haven't) because the GR raw files go so well with Photoshop or Lightroom. They are DNG files after all.
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    Apr 30, 2013
    I've used the SilkyPix version supplied with my K-01.
    Quick answers:
    • It does not do the same as Olympus with their filters.
    • I find it is most useful for quick touch-ups. I really like its ability to apply predefined colour schemes (Film, DGN Standard, DGN Film).
    For me, it gives good results quickly. Not too much of a learning curve either.
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  10. Thanks everyone!
    My conclusion is to install Silkypix over the next weekend to test it. :)