GR Close-Up Capabilities [ Macro Mode ]

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    So as I had posted in a GR image thread, my GR copy couldn't shoot the broad side of a nicely sunlit barn with any kind of sharpness however, it seemed very suited, most times, in shooting in macro mode. And this of course suited me. Now the GR if not given enough contrast will do the lens dance, there is some effort involved in getting really close. The lens will search for a focus and sometimes it might allude to having locked on but simply enough you can look at your screen and see if it is or isn't sharp. You have to be about three inches or so from your subject at the closest and if you can't lock on immediately, you can draw the camera back, focus, creep in, focus again until you get focus on the area you want OR.. you can focus and reframe by moving the camera to aim the sweet spot where you want. Either way while I won't say the GR is comparable to true macro, it can make some really pretty images.

    Below are several shots with insets of what the originals looked like. They show how close you can get. I shot in both jpg and raw. The GR engine develops, I think, more warmly. At any rate you are seeing the raw coloration in the inset and very little tweaking in the larger image. Most of you that know me know that I tinker often quite a bit more with images but I wanted to show a true representation since no one has covered this. There is a tiny bit more tinkering on the last image. The crop is so you can see the detail but also a way I like to present, sometimes anyway. Images were taken on aperture priority and range between 2.8 to 5.6 if I wanted to encompass more. They are large images so saved lower quality but you get the gist..

    <a href="" title="3 by ISOterica, on Flickr"> View attachment 70522 "1000" height="663" alt="3"></a>

    <a href="" title="5 by ISOterica, on Flickr"> View attachment 70523 "1000" height="663" alt="5"></a>

    <a href="" title="2 by ISOterica, on Flickr"> View attachment 70524 "1000" height="663" alt="2"></a>

    And while it might seem like luck that I got this happy little insect, I was aiming for it. It was probably luck that I could lock onto it so well though :)

    <a href="" title="1 by ISOterica, on Flickr"> View attachment 70525 "1000" height="663" alt="1"></a>

    And you really don't need to crop to get a nice image but of course anyone that shoots close knows that.. ;)

    <a href="" title="4 by ISOterica, on Flickr"> View attachment 70526 "1000" height="663" alt="4"></a>

    ADDED: And then I thought this Chinese Kousa Dogwood was a pretty little tree..

    <a href="" title="6 by ISOterica, on Flickr"> View attachment 70527 "1000" height="662" alt="6"></a>
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    Very interesting. Thanks for taking the time.