GPS on cameras and Google earth.

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    I have a very nice Garmin GPS for walking.(If i need it)
    I have a very nice GPS app on my phone to use in my car. (If i need it)
    Most of the time they are OFF. Unless I need them ON.
    GPS on cameras. And mostly location services on smart phones. Mine is OFF .

    This morning I had a spare half hour to Look at flickr. I had fun, and i also found out the
    location of (close enough anyway) Of a nice collection of Leica's.
    A secluded barn housing a rather expensive speedboat.
    Someone's secret beautiful waterfall location (they are not going to tell where it is !) ha ha.
    So early tomorrow morning. (if i was so inclined) I could be heading for the coast to take
    pictures of my new boat with my new Leica.

    GPS ! Leave it on if you really want to get robbed ! Or worse !

    I love Google earth
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    Bill Palmer
    Couldn't agree with you more. There are stories, apocryphal maybe, but with an uncomfortable ring of truth - of ex-husbands tracking down wives and children in hiding from domestic abuse...

    Where I am - or have been - is nobody's business but mine, and my loved ones. I don't need GPS to direct me back to a favourite photo location. I also, if truth be told, remember that St Mark's Square is in Venice... :rolleyes:

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  3. I'm with you!!. I never ever had the GPS on, on my F550EXR when I had it, and I never geotag pictures unless they are of places I don't live. You'll notice on my flickr that none of my home shots are geotagged. I do not want the locals seeing where I am. I dont have anything expensive to get robbed but its not about that, for me, its about privacy.
  4. I dont see geotagging as a memory jolt, but rather a way of showing others whats in your favourite locations, and where, if they feel inclined, they can get similar shots. Lately though, I have been thinking I might switch EXIF data off again.