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    G'day everyone

    My current camera is an Olympus E620 DSLR with just the 2 kit zoom lenses. I was a late convert to digital having used an extensive Olympus OM system from the early 70's through until about 10 years ago. From then until I bought the E620, I shared a basic Canon compact with my wife, as I couldn't find a digital camera that really grabbed me like the OM system had. Whilst the E620 has met my basic requirements, the new OMD-EM5 is the system camera I would now really like to own, along with 12f2 Oly, 20f1.7 Pana & 45f1.8 Oly prime lenses, as this would closely replicate my favourite trio of OM lenses, the 28F2, 40f2 pancake and 85f2 but it may be another couple of years before I can justify this.

    However my immediate need is for a pocketable serious compact travel camera. I have looked hard at all of the options, and the soon to be released Sony RX-100 II is the first that ticks all of the boxes for me, mainly because of the addition of the tilting screen and the viewfinder option in the mark II version. The fully articulated screen of my E620 is a fantastic feature and although the RX-100 II is tilt only, it seems like a reasonable compromise. A built in low res EVF like the Panasonic LF-1 for occasional use when the rear screen is difficult to use would make the camera perfect for me, but not if it increased the physical size. At least I will have the option of buying the detachable EVF if the need arises.

    Looking forward to learning lots on this forum.

    Cheers Ross
  2. Welcome Ross, looking forward to seeing your stuff... there is a small dslr forum as well as all the compact stuff if you have anything you'd like to post :)
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    Phoenix Gonzales
    Hi and welcome Ross
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    Stephen Noel

    For many years, Olympus, has been my main camera. OM 1, 2 and 4. Went digital, and was and still is my main brand. But now I have and use both Oly and Panasonic.
    Began with the E-500, E-1, E-520, E-420, and E-620. Moved to mu-43 and have had several versions. The later ones have moved way out ahead of earlier ones, especially in cleaner (less noise) images. But any of the early ones make fine photographs, in the hands of someone that understands their weakness, and strength.
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    Bill Shinnick
    Hello and welcome Ross.
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    howdy Ross,,,,got any snaps to share?
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    Welcome aboard, Ross and - yes - please do share some of your photos. Also can't wait to hear what you think about that new smaller camera.:drinks:
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    Welcome Ross.

    Yeah, if I was getting a new SC, it'd be the RX100 mkii. I already have the mki, so I have to decide if the upgrade is worth it, but if I didn't have one yet, that's the one I'd get.

    Please do post some pics!
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    Thanks everyone for the welcome. The majority of my photos are still unscanned slides, but I could put some of my digital shots up on dropbox and paste a link here if that is an accepted way of doing things. I am ashamed to admit that whilst photography has been one of my passions, my ability is probably not up to the standards of most people here, but I'll see what I can do tonight. Lots of mowing to do today if the rain holds off:)
  10. Ross, I think we all have strengths and weaknesses in photography... the trick is in working out what you like to do, and how to do it best :) The other thing is that the people in this forum are really willing to help if you get stuck, or want to know how to do things. They are a really decent bunch, and will not denigrate your efforts...ever.

    Most of us are using flickr. You can get a free account with 1TB of space which is more than you'll ever get from Dropbox unless you pay through the nose :)
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    Thanks Sue. Too much rain to mow so I have uploaded some photos to dropbox since that's what I have at the moment... will look into Flickr down the track. My photography is mainly travel or holiday related as I am not really a creative person, so apologies for a rather boring collection. Here is the link:


    Cheers Ross
  12. Pretty nice collection, Ross :) And you do get about, don't you. I really like the frogs, and the Three Sisters in mist :)