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  1. is an image hosting site I have used off and on since before I even heard of flickr. It used to have a limit on the number of images you can have there, but now, we seem to be allowed to have 5GB. This is good. I had 400 images already taking up only 700mb... and some months back was on the brink of being forced to delete a few to make space for new ones. Now, they also have an app which works similarly to Dropbox and the like, in that you drop whatver you want into the designated folder and it gets uploaded to imageshack.

    I'll continue to use it as I have in the past, which is to say, for posting things I would never bother posting to flickr... screenshots etc., or things I don't consider "good enough" to go to flickr or be uploaded to a forum gallery. (which is what I used to do before any of this).

    Anyway, just thought I would let you know... places like this and imgur (and many others) are great for those incidental shots and screenies :) And deleting in bulk just got a whole lot easier with their Skypath app :)

    Heres the required link to the site: ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting
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    Thanks for the update, I use photobucket for similar purposes but their web interface is kind of a hassle.