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    May 30, 2014
    Dear all,

    Recently I have been investigating an interesting post that had been shown some months ago here:

    I found it interesting and decided to pursue my own findings for the RX1 (since I believed always that Lr/ACR were not giving their all for the files)

    Now, I warn you, to many this would be a futile exercise or post since differences may be considered negligible or even irrelevant to their practices.
    To others, like me, I like to know that I am: a) obtaining the very best out of my files and b) able to print my files at the largest possible size with the best possible effect.

    So, what I have decided to to is two A-B comparisons.
    Both comparisons contain the original ARW file and then the TIF file as exported from Sony's IDC with all adjustments (noise, sharpening) off.
    Also, since the TIF file does not carry any data for any RAW converter to interpret, I wanted to more or less get close to the interpretation of the ARW file in X software.
    Mind you, I say close, but not really close. This is as far as I found it acceptable to make a comparison without pushing the TIF file too far (since it is not as flexible as a RAW file anyways)
    Sharpening was made in each X-Y software as to: 1st) Match theARW to the TIF file as imported, because the TIF file, even without sharpening, is sharper than the ARW file from the get go.....and then 2nd) Sharpen as to get the maximum I believe it is attainable at this ISO for those files.

    The result I am attaching below.

    Here, I would like see what guys think, or prefer, from the comparisons.

    First set will be Software X: file A- file B


    Second set Software Y: file A - file B


    100% download recommended.

    Also, I will see if I can find a low ISO image I can work with and show another comparison if time allows.

    I will come back with the key to the images once I get some input from you guys and I can then also let you know about something that seems to go under the radar in coverage.