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    Nov 11, 2011
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    I tried the Fuji X-S1 and wasn't knocked out by it, but maybe the S1 will be different. I'm stuck on APS-C quality files. I'm fairly certain that the K-5 with an 18-135 cropped will look better than the Fuji. I've also been looking at a lot of shots from the little Nikon lately with the 30-110mm and they look great. I think getting the FT1 adapter and some longer Nikon glass could be an option (although I know your preference is for a lighter kit, Sue).
  2. I had every intention of getting the X-S1 until I saw its weight. The S1 is a bit better, and its weather sealed. I already have multiple Pentax zooms :) I know the crop file from the Pentax would be better, APS as opposed to miniature sensors is a no brainer... However, to get the proper quality for a crop to achieve the 1200mm I would need to be carting a tripod about as well. Not for me. The fact that its weather resistant with 70 seals is a winner for me, on top of the 920k dot EVF which is a shedload better than on my FZ100 (which only has a 24x zoom in any case).

    I think in the right circumstances, the long lens will do what I want. Its not going to be something I'll carry at night... and indeed I may yet not even buy it, but its a very strong contender for my next bridge camera. I've dropped interest in the Stylus1 just because it only goes to 300mm and I can do that with the V1 and get a better file.

    Ah well, GAS comes and goes, eh?
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    The sensor is, um, really, um, small. Really. Any camera with a 24-1200mm lens in a 'normal' sized body has to have a small sensor. The long zoom is pretty cool, but what are the images going to look like? What is the lens like at maximum zoom? A long time ago, I would have been excited by a camera like this, but not these days.
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    Nov 12, 2010
    As bridge cameras go I think this has an interesting feature set with the weathrr sealing and the long zoom, but at the moment I'm not really interested in a bridge camera
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    almost exactly like any other camera, including "full frame", once they're at 1024x768 or smaller, and being looked at on Flickr or Facebook or wherever ... which is where any photograph is most likely to be seen.
  6. And this is, I guess, the whole point. Thanks for making it, Paul. I don't print anymore, and if I thought for one moment that I would want to do a print from something I was going out to shoot, the S1 would not be the camera of choice. It would be the K5, or X100 (for example if I was to "do" the book thing). That said, however, I have had some pretty damned good prints from even smaller sensors than this one. However... its not the intent. It will be seen on the web somewhere, and these sensors can produce well enough for that.
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    Click on this link to see an image shot with the FZ200 at full optical zoom and full digital zoom;


    You can make your own judgement about the image quality.

    Cheers, Jock
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    Jan 3, 2012
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    I could get tempted by this. I seriously considered the X-S1 but ultimately chose the FZ200.

    I could also get tempted by the Nikon 1 V1 or 2 with the adaptor and maybe a Nikkor 70-300, but it wouldn't be weather-resistant.

    I like shooting wildlife (hence the desire for long reach and weather resistance), but I am also passionate about shooting the skies. When you get toward "the edges of the day," that's when having a big sensor with all the goodies that come with a big sensor (greater color depth, better low light sensitivity) would come in handy. When you combine long reach with big sensor, that's when you start to run into multi-kilobuck,heavy glass. (Sigh.)

    Cheers, Jock
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    Aug 25, 2010
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    I suggested it to my daughter for her trip to Mexico etc.

    She rang me this morning and said she had bought a Nikon D3200
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    Aug 7, 2011
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    I think anyone with any real photographic experience understands the compromises that come with any small-sensored bridge camera. But this new Fuji S1 offers an interesting feature set that includes a 24-1200mm focal range, a reasonable f/2.8-5.6 aperture range, a 901k-dot EVF and weather resistance. I'm sure this new Fuji will give more than acceptable results when used outdoors in daylight.

    EDIT: Did I mention that the S1 has five-axis image stabilization? It may be more useful at 1200mm than most bridge cameras.

    As I wrote when I posted a comment on the new S1 a few weeks ago, I was recently going back over some photos I took while on a trip to Europe with my old Canon S3 IS in 2007. The S3 IS had an even smaller sensor than the Fuji - 1/2.5" - and the sensor technology was close to a decade behind the new Fuji as well. And the images hold up quite well. Again, the caveat: Most were shot outdoors, in daylight and I wasn't viewing at 100%.

    I think the Fuji S1 can be a valid option for certain kinds of work. I can see how this camera and a Nikon 1 would make a pretty good kit. I'd buy an S1 myself just for fun but I just ordered a Fuji X-E1.
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    you should be able to figure it out...
    Anyone who wants extremely long telephoto simply has to deal with tradeoffs - small sensors or BIIIIGGGG lenses. There are no shortcuts. I rarely want/need anything longer than 150-200mm of reach and when I do, the 600mm of the m43 XX-300 zooms are as large as I'd carry - and the 4/3 sensor is as small as I'd go (although I might consider the 1" that's in the RX100 / Nikon V1 if I had any interest in the rest of the camera/system). If you want super duper reach like 1200, you got a choice to make. If you're OK with a tiny sensor, you can get a mid-size camera to shoot with. If you demand large sensor quality, you gotta haul the lenses.

    These ultra long bridge cameras aren't of any interest to me, but I'm glad they're making them for them that likes 'em.

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  12. Which is why I'll choose a bridge camera. I cannot afford a Bigma or similar, so for the K5, its the 55-300 at max. and on the v1, the 30-110 which gives the same reach. Getting to 1200? Not happening. No money and no strength :)
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    Aug 31, 2011
    I'll wait for Fuji's next 2/3" sensor offering.
  14. If its going to have longer reach than the X-S1, its going to weigh more than me and my arthritis can manage. I really wanted that X-S1 but at nearly a kilo... nope.
  15. flysurfer

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    Aug 31, 2011
    The supermegazoom days are over for the X series. It's going to be more about quality and reasonable zoom and size (and a fast lens).
  16. Ahh. Then no interest here. I love my X100 but there are times when I want to get *that* bird and the X100, XZ-1, GRD3 etc just wont do. The FZ100 is no longer "good enough" (not that it ever really was) and the S-1 will be just the ticket. Its going to get very specific use at very specific times :) I don't need yet another camera with a small sensor and a 4-5x zoom range (which is why I didnt buy X10/20, or XQ1 even though at various times they have all tempted me - XQ1 still does).
  17. flysurfer

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    Aug 31, 2011
    4-5x isn't bridge territory. We are talking 10x, like a 24-300mm equivalent with a fast lens, such as F2-2.8. Sony and Pana already offer premium bridges in this fashion.
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    Bill Shinnick

    Don't forget the new Olympus Stylus 1 which has a constant 2.8 aperture.
  19. Still not enough, I have two options (K5 and V1) for 300mm (though not f/2.8!!) so the Stylus has been eliminated. I'm content to take a cut to IQ in the interests of getting a lightweight 1200mm.