Fujifilm F770EXR

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  1. Yes, I know. Completely weak. I missed the 550 so much I have been wanting its replacement for ages. Was in the camera store last week and saw this (as well as a few other more serious compacts) but was drawn back to it for its compactness and long zoom, as well as its rubberised really grippy feel. I love it. Now I have to learn all over again how to get the best from a small sensor compact.

    And here's Tom (yes, posted in the cat thread but here too. I haven't done anything else with it yet)


    Tom, the Target by kyte50, on Flickr
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    Looks great, Sue. But I'm always up for some photos of Thomas.
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    Is that processed?

    look forward to seeing lots more

    My camera shop didn't have one to compare besides which it was listed at £80.00 more than the 660 so I'd have been unlikely to choose it thinking that it had same lens (apparently not)
    A criticism I have of the 660 is the slippery finish. Now that prices have evened up its a better choice but I don't use wifi or gps. Cases are different too so what dimensional changes there are need comparing.
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    Sue, the Fuji F-series of compact superzooms has always interested me. But issues with quality control with the lens (decentering, etc) have always kept me from buying. It'll be interesting to see how the 770 works out for you. Keep us posted.
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    Mar 27, 2013
    how do you test for decentering on this type of camera?

    On mine I have noted a soft patch towards edges / off centre but this seems to be inconsistent
  6. Oh yes, processed... levels, contrast, brightness etc. No Nik involvement here though :)

    Re slippery... yes the 550 was also very slippery. Its looking like they have gone back to shiny-slippery for the 900 as well. I didnt have an option to get the 660 but would not have, because I love the finish on the 770/800. I didnt get the 800 because the only difference that I could see, apart from price, was the inclusion of wifi and I didnt really see any need to have that. I don't upload anything without putting it through (at the very least) my ipad, or (at most) through photoshop/lightroom/acorn on the computer. AFTER I have come home again. On the road? Never.
  7. I have no idea. Its not something I have ever noticed...
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    Mar 27, 2013
    I've tried a search but can't find a good example of the soft edge just a bit of softness (not a bad thing)

    It needs a symmetrical pattern to test properly but in meantime this was taken indoor with a tripod on manual no flash no processing

    I see a strip off softening on the right side

    View attachment 69547
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    Drafted this up to test could be useful exercise if printed out as pdf but I can't upload the pdf

    View attachment 69550
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    I see the F660 EXR is now available for $119 on Amazon. Anyone have any thoughts on this entry in the F line?
  11. Its fine... 15x zoom 1/2 sensor, and the EXR thing. the finish is shiny smooth and slippery. Its great for long distance street stuff :) Which is what I wantd it for.

    An example or two

    PMA-waiting by kyte50, on Flickr

    busstop by kyte50, on Flickr

    But its also not bad for closeup

    Bougainvillea: cropped. by kyte50, on Flickr

    And landscapey stuff

    Sundown on the Lake by kyte50, on Flickr

    Those were all taken with the F550EXR. The 660 isnt that much different, marginally better I guess.
  12. OK.. I shot a brick wall. lots of straight lines, cracks in the bricks etc which would show any softening... nothing on mine.
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    Thanks, Sue. The last compact superzoom I owned was the Canon SX230HS. It actually wasn't bad (metering was spot on) but I gave it away because the zoom action was way too slow (obviously calibrated for video) and I missed a quite a few shots. I would hope the Fujis are better in this respect. But at $119, the risk is vsry low and the experiment might be fun. Plus I have about a half dozen batteries for my Pentax Q that would work in the F660.
  14. Look, you are never going to be getting blinding fast zooms on these compacts, they aren't built for that. But from my almost buying a Canon... the Fuji is faster. Not by heaps, but you wont have time to go make a cup of tea.. Perhaps in time. The Fuji does do RAW which I dont think your Canon or the later models do, so theres some advantage in that.
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    Mar 27, 2013
    I have posted quite a few shots from the 660

    thoughts - use auto functions for speed, this model does not do raw, needs a steady hand. my next camera will have a viewfinder.
  16. Mine doesnt either, I've just realised. Had not closely looked at what I had done. Oh well. Looks like RAW stopped with the 550
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    Mar 27, 2013
    I thought it did RAW - or something similar (never have used this myself so not on my criteria list)
  18. According to all the info available, it does. And yet, Normal and Fine are the only options I have. Cannot find *any* RAW references anywhere in the menus.. Maybe its buried deep.

    [edit] Its like when you cant find something and you ask someone to help you look for it, and then they, or you, immediately find what has been missing for weeks.... I found RAW. Its in setup and has to be switched on separately from Image quality in the shooting menus. I suppose the 550 did that too, but I dont remember.
  19. So its been a short lived love affair. Went out today to do some stuff and found that I have become so used to the higher resolution LCD screens of the GRD and XZ, I was completely unable to use the F770 unless I, and the camera, were in shade. of 65 shots, only 20 are usable... and I havent looked at them closely on the computer yet, but I think half of those will be trashed. I'll be returning it to the shop. I think I just have to get used to the idea that these cameras are now not usable for me, and I need a viewfinder. X-20 here I come, when funds are saved. I'll make do with the FZ100 for zoomy stuff. I'll post a couple from today when I get them processed.
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    Mar 27, 2013
    there is supposed to be a sun mode option to compensate

    the 660 is my first camera without viewfinder so I've assumed that the problems apply to all "screen only" cameras (maybe to varying degrees but still basically flawed)

    I've highlighted the X-10 as the next semi affordable one