For the fourth year in a row......

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    Aug 24, 2015
    Well.......... not in a row. But at least every other year!

    I normally refuse to do portrait work, but I've made one exception. That being my neighbor's 5 grandkids. Since they all know me and are comfortable around me, I was asked to take some pix back in 2009. I started working with the images, and came up with the following composite 7 years ago:


    We repeated the image in 2011:


    After that, the tradition was set. 2013:


    And earlier this month:


    I have each one sign on white paper using a felt marker. I then scan it, crank up the contrast, and create two layers (both with transparent backgrounds). I invert the top layer to make it white, then move it up and to the left, to create a white signature with a black shadow. I copy it and paste it onto the main composite.
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    they grow up too fast
  3. What a neat idea
  4. Great idea..