Followup thought to G7X RAW vs JPEG files

Discussion in 'Canon' started by swandy, Dec 27, 2014.

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    Nov 16, 2013
    In my earlier thread - Local Park (first time playing with G7X RAWs) - I mentioned that I had just started playing with some RAW files as Apple updated Aperture for the G7X but was not sure if for my usage if they were significantly better than the great results I was getting from the OOC JPEGs.
    Well, my wife and I went out to dinner at a nice little Italian restaurant in Tribecca and a few of the shots (some interior and a few near the WTC) used a bit higher ISOs than my outdoor ones (DUH). Not terribly high - 1250 and 1600 - but while the JPEGs looked nice and clean, they also lost a lot more detail than I would have liked - even to the point of looking "smudgy". And the RAW files - while not too bad even without any noise reduction - retained quite a bit more. (Makes me appreciate even more how Olympus cameras allow you to turn OFF the Noise Filter completely for the JPEGs, where Canon only allows a LOW setting.)
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