Firefox 6 released.

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    Bill Shinnick
    B U L L E T I N
    Firefox 6 has been released - if you use Firefox, you should ensure that
    you update as soon as possible as the new version contains a number of
    significant security fixes.

    It includes a useful utility which will draw your attention to 'fake' URLs
    which may be used in Phishing attacks. This feature is described at length
    in the Sophos article linked below. In all there is a significant total of
    1,300 changes and fixes in the new version.

    W E B L I N K S
    Firefox 6 is out – several critical security fixes and one cool new featurette! | Naked Security

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    Mozilla Blog:
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    Mozilla - Release Notes:
    Mozilla Firefox Release Notes
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    I'm running the 64 bit nightly 9 version. It mirrors your 32 bit install and is faster since it's 64 bit.

    Firefox Nightly Builds
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    Tex, is that going to be released or stay a beta?
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    I like coming here just for Bill's IT updates, lol! He's like my home help desk :)