Few shots from Smith Rock

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    Couple of days ago we drove to Smith Rock, but instead of driving straight to it, we drove around and by the time we made it back and I set the camera up it was definitely not a good time to shoot but I did take several shots, since I was there. :biggrin: I used to have the Panny 7-14, and boy did I miss it this time. I can't wait for the Oly 7-14 2.8 to be available.

    15586194480_60f981827f_b.jpg PB110216 by savingspaces33, on Flickr

    15593787420_d7ac32399d_b.jpg PB110137 by savingspaces33, on Flickr

    15754898076_3a70e1e080_b.jpg PB110139 by savingspaces33, on Flickr

    15754897746_cd91c7e6e7_b.jpg PB110173 by savingspaces33, on Flickr
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