f550 Vs XZ-1 Vs G3 - with the X10 in mind

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  1. OK, The X10 is due very soon and I'm really tempted by it despite having the G3 and XZ-1 both of which I love to bitz. So what I thought I would do would be to compare what I have with the f550 and see how the f550 panned out against the others. This will give some idea of what the X10 will be like. Saying that it will hopefully have a much much better lens than the f550 and the sensor is 12MP as apposed to 16MP. This should improve IQ so it will be really interesting to see how it will actually perform when released. The X100 is a very different animal and I'm not expecting the X10 to match or even get very close to the IQ of the X100 but if it were between the G3/XZ-1 and the X100 then I will be very interested.

    So here are some 100% crop unedited images examples all taken in Jpg at about f5.6. This is just a simple comparison and not a scientific test.

    My conclusion is that the XZ-1 and G3 were far superior to the f550. The X10 had better be a vast improvement on the f550 for me to part with my dosh but only time will tell. Fingers crossed!! Oh and if the X10 is superb and I buy one, will I be selling the G3 or XZ-1...Naaa! THe f550 belongs to work so I can't sell that.....unfortunately:biggrin:

    f550 std Auto

    f550 EXR (Resolution Priority)

    f550 Aperture Priority

    XZ-1 iAuto

    G3 Aperture Priority
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    thanks andy!
    i have an XZ-1 and even though i *just* got it, the x10 looks pretty tasty in a very tiny package... i am glad to see this comparison though- think i'll stop daydreaming and save money for something else, like a trip to somewhere exotic to photograph with the XZ-1 :wink:
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    Wow Andy the XZ-1 fared far better than I would have thought. The bar has certainly been raised for the X10! ....and the lens aint that much faster nor the sensor much bigger. Wonder if the factory has any pixie-dust left over from their X100 production :wink:
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    I think you are mistaken. At higher ISOs/ in low light, a 2/3 sensor will clearly outperform a 1/1.7 sensor. I think what you want to ensure with the X10 is that the lens is sharp. If this is so, the IQ in bright light (and low light) will be superior to the XZ-1.
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    I've been hemming and hawing around such a purchase and am probably going to at least wait for more reviews of the x10 before I move. Originally, I couldn't decide between the xz-1 and the epl2. Love the versatility and size of the xz-1, the IQ and such of the epl2, but fear I'll miss the viewfinder. Having the g3, what are your thoughts about the form factor of the g3 vs. x10 for a daily carry camera?
  6. I love my G3 to bits. The images it produces are very good and it's an easy camera to use and live with round your neck even with a 14-45 kit lens on. The E-PL2 is more of a classic camera style and produces very good images. The X10 is such a classic looking retro camera. It looks like something out the 50's or 60's and I can't wait to see what quality images it produces. It does not worry me that the lens is fixed as the zoom is pretty good. Shame it's not 24mm equivalent but 28mm isn't bad at all. I could easily live with the X10 if the images are up to scratch and would see it being a great addition to my serious compact collection. If it were better than the Oly XZ-1 then the Oly 'may' go at some point BUT i have NO intentions in getting rid of it as i really like it.
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    Well done Andy!
    The XZ-1 is tough act to follow.
    The Sensor in the X10 is brand new however and the last one in that size made by Fuji pitched far above its size class in the S100fs
    The Online Photographer: Fujifilm Finepix S100FS Review, Part 1
    I suspect the X10 could easily be the best small sensor Prosumer Camera yet.
  8. Thanks for the comparo, Andy. I don't see the F550 even being anywhere near the same class as XZ-1 or X10. For one, it has a smaller sensor by a long shot, and its zoom is 15x...10x more than either of the others. Its a P&S in the truest sense, and probably is not aimed at the same market as the others, don't you think? I see it more in comparison to (for example) the TZ series from Panasonic, or the SX compacts from Canon etc. And I think its performance would at least equal those. Of course the G3 is streets ahead of both the XZ and the F550.

    The one thing which will get me buying the X10 is its viewfinder. I bought my G11 for that and found it to be a halfbaked thing... it wasn't even a very good tunnel VF. I have not looked at the P7000 so no idea what that one is like but I imagine not much better.

    The good thing about a zoomable VF which is larger than the average is that, even without info in the VF itself, it will still be more useable than anything else on the market currently. And, it, and the X100, are likely to have an influence on the market in general. I sometimes wonder if we will see similar offerings from Canon, Nikon, Olympus et al over the next year or two. But thats for another discussion, I guess.
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    I hope you're right Sue I really do. I am concerned by the fact that - VF aside - Leica's Digilux 2 (D2) came out in 2004 and it had this weird UI - where the shutter was a dial on the top and aperture on the ring, etc.....and it was lost...all being relegated to a Nintendo combination of presses on a keypad. This simple design has now been regained by smart folks at Fuji with the X100. So maybe the big manufacturers will take note and deliver a proper UI and decent VF this time around. I hope this has set a market precedent....where's that :fingers crossed: emoticon when you need it!......Then again, the latest Sony and Samsung offering have upped the MP count AGAIN! So, I fear, much like flared trousers we might have folks distracted by this silly phase....Apologies to those who wear flares now or did so in the late 60's and 70's, I'm sure you all looked a treat....well the cameras hanging around your necks certainly did! :flowers_2: