Exposure and Auto ISO

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    Mar 25, 2013
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    Harry Briels
    I am still having questions about the exposure system of the RX1 , whereby in Auto ISO when changes are being made to exposure, ISO is the most important element in processing such exposure adjustments.

    With my former Leica M9 I normally would shoot in Aperture Mode and try to determine what ISO value would be best to meet the light condition and then adjust aperture to get the best possible exposure.

    In the RX1 if I shoot in Aperture Mode (A), which I prefer, I will select the correct fixed ISO, and select the proper A value. In case SS is too slow I will increase the ISO value which will increase the SS.
    But when I select Auto ISO the Shutter Speed (SS) is blocked at 1/80s which is most of the time far too slow. When I use CC the A and SS will stay the same while the ISO will change.
    This blockage of the SS to 1/80s makes the A-Mode combined with Auto ISO (for me) difficult to use.

    If I use Shutter Mode and a fixed ISO, selecting a proper shutter speed changes the aperture value as is normal. In case I need a higher or lower A I increase or decrease the fixed ISO value.
    In Auto ISO adjustments of SS increases or decreases ISO.

    The Manual Mode seems for me to be the most useable mode on the RX1, because with a fixed ISO value, I can adjust SS and A and keep the ISO unchanged and try to find the best combination of SS and A at a certain fixed ISO.
    However if I select Auto ISO in this mode any change of SS and or A will change the ISO value. But I feel I can accept these ISO adjustments on the condition that the minimum and maximum levels (100 and 3200 ISO) are selected.

    It most likely will take some getting accustomed to Auto ISO?
    What is your point of view on this Auto ISO behavior?