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    a friend asked if i could take some corporate shots for him for his new job, and then at the very last centimeter of sun, asked if we could go way down the way and take a pic of him and his fiance

    ran out of light, so took some at home with a white background

    i would love if someone would totally ignore being kind and just tell me what you think
    i havent done this stuff before other than selfies with wifi apps, etc! lol











    any constructive criticism??

    thanks in advance!!
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    Constructive critique:
    1) Watch out for the clothing. There are some shots where the clothing is turned or flipped. Example see image #1.
    2) Poses are always a difficult thing and have to be tailored to the person. Nothing wrong with the ones you've shown here, but they are all kind of the same. So the take away from that is add in some variety.
    3) Lighting consistency. I see the man's suit changing shades from one image to the other, going from a lighter color to a darker color. You'll want to try and keep those as consistent as possible. It makes it look more professional.
    4) On the white seamless pictures, there is not enough pop from the subjects. I keep getting drawn to the white background and away from them. IMHO - the subjects need more light and more attention.

    Now - for some positives:
    1) I really like the picture #4 and #5. #4 - the couple together. They look happy and like they are having fun. I like the different lighting for this one. because it is not so flatly lit, it gives the subjects some dimensionality. #5 - it's just fun and playful. The subject is the star and the background, while a little busy, doesn;t distract me near as much as the brightly lit white seamless shots do.
    2) If this is in the beginning stages of you working seriously and only having come from a cell phone/app before...then you are off to a good start. Way better than I was first starting out with off camera flash and posing people. I almost gave my wife a complex/mental disorder because I was taking so many bad pictures of her. She thought she looked like Fiona from Shrek! lmao. I had horrible posing skills (I still struggle with that sometimes), didn't understand lighting as well as I should, and would routinely use the worst possible lens/focal length. Keep working it, experimenting, asking questions and practicing. You'll do just fine.

    This is my wife, by the way....with me and better skill, she looks nothing like Fiona! :D
    14 - 1.jpg one light portraiture.jpg
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