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  1. ALL of your external drives begin misbehaving at the same time?

    Media drives and downloads, not quite dead but also not quite usable. I was set to go and buy new ones soon, I just had not decided on a NAS or separate drives, and what capacity for each. I currently have 6TB and I think thats not quite enough anymore, so maybe 2x3 and 2x2.

    Whatever the case... better get it done tomorrow, dont think theres much life left in the poor old things.

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    I have drives all over the place. Old ones from desk top PC's now in USB cages, USB hard drives and a network of 3 drives. I have about a Gazillion Gb of photos....the bulk of which are useless. But they are my photographic journey and I cannot face going through them and deleting the rubbish in case a great piece of software comes out called something like "Crap to Award Winning"
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    I just upload any photo I like (maybe one out of 100) online and no longer worry about "saving" anything.

    If my drives fail, it's just that much less clutter.

    I'd really like for my computer/photo storage needs to be totally minimal. In the grand scheme of things, my photos are for myself....and even I never go through the old photos. No use saving them. If I REALLY felt like it, I can have a trawl through my old flickr account (which is where I load up any photo I temporarily think is just good enough that someone may get a few seconds of pleasure from it).

    It's like all the stuff in our garage.....we moved it from the old house a couple years ago.....and there it sits. Nothing of any importance.....just too "hoarder-ish" to throw it out/donate it/find a new purpose for it.
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  4. I guess most of my photos are junky, but they are mine, and I dont really want to lose them. The other media stuff is movies and TV shows. I have them on DVD but ripped to hard drive and I view them via Plex (which also shows photos and audiobooks) on the TV. What. A. Pain... to have to go through and rip them all again. Though this time I would do higher quality. Downloads.. meh. Can be replaced fairly easily.
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    Back in the day I had tons of negatives and slides, books and magazines, records or CDs and whatnot all over the place and now I have almost everything stored in a tiny Laptop and another 1TB SSD, a couple backups and all the old stuff stored away somewhere - it's more of a bloody mess than ever before.
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  6. Well, $200AUD later, I'm in possession of a very basic WD Elements 4TB Drive. Too many errors on the old drives to keep them going. I'm going to consolidate what I can to the new drive, trash the junk, and get myself a WD MyBook Duo 12TB in a few weeks.
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    If all your drives started going wonky around the same time, and you bought them at different times, it might be the USB or peripheral controller on your PC.

    All my photos are spread between Amazon Prime and Google Photos. Amazon is unlimited storage for all still photo types, whereas Google has maximum storage cap tiers. At the moment, Amazon is the more cost-effective solution since it's a benefit of being a Prime Subscriber. AWS can be slow at times and it took about a week to upload my collection of about 50-60 CD/DVDs of all my photos and scans, but it was worth it.
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  8. Nah, they were going cheap and I bought 3 at once. I wont do that again.
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    Sounds familiar. I've had faulty USB connectors on my ex Asus Tablet PC and it almost killed 2 of my drives. Anyway, there are some great videos on youtube that can show you how to fix some of those issues, e.g. stuck heads. It's no big deal actually and those videos helped me a great deal to save most of the data from those drives.
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    Good tip about Amazon prime photos. I'm a prime subscriber and hadn't investigated that before. I'm backing up now!
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  11. $100 a year for Amazon Drive (we havent yet got Prime in Oz) .. its a bit steep for me. Wel... a lot steep.